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    Default Re: "I will crush you, puny mage!" (3.5 hypermundane class, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by spikeof2010 View Post
    I think this is too much for a class. I mean, unless you're playing with other super beefed up classes like this, it just obviously obliterates. That said, if that was the point, there's little to no defense against this guy short of divine intervention. Feels real iffy.
    Well, let's have a look at what a wizard can do by the time he's level 9:

    - Create a noise equivalent to 20 shouting humans wherever he likes within 45 feet (Ghost sound, 0lvl)
    - Create small objects, warm things up, change their taste, etc. (Prestidigitation, 0lvl)
    - Make any humanoid his friend (Charm person, 1st)
    - Knock out a roomful of low-level guards (Colour spray, 1st)
    - Slow fall as the monk's 18th-level ability, only better (Feather Fall, 1st)
    - Walk through a raging inferno unburned (Prot. Energy, 2nd)
    - Become invisible (Invisibility, 2nd)
    - Create four to seven illusory copies of himself and control all of them at once. (Mirror Image, 2nd)
    - I prepared explosive runes this morning. (Explosive Runes, 3rd)
    - Summon a frankly ridiculous horse. (Phantom Steed, 3rd)
    - Definitely not scrying. (Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, 3rd)
    - Brutally murder a roomful of low-level guards. (Fireball, 3rd)
    - Fly (Fly, 3rd)
    - Definitely scrying. (Scrying, 4th)
    - Shoot off 760 feet as a standard action. (Dim. Door, 4th)
    - Create a raging inferno. (Wall of Fire, 4th)
    - "Wall is immune to damage." That's a nice summary. (Wall of force, 5th)
    - Brutally murder a roomful of mid-level guards, and badly injure any high-level guards that might have snuck in there. (Cloudkill, 5th)
    - Utterly control someone. (Dominate person, 5th)
    - Murder a 1st-level character from anywhere on the same plane while they sleep (Nightmare, 5th)

    You have to be able to stand up to that somehow. And "I hit it with my axe. I trip it. I grapple it." doesn't really stand up to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by enderlord99 View Post
    If use use the crazy definition of "mundane" that is "follows the laws of at least two realities, despite only existing in one" does "hypermundane" mean "can't do anything unless it's possible in every possible reality?" Because that would be equivalent to "can't do anything" which is pretty much the exact opposite of what this guy is.
    I think you're overthinking it. They're not really really additionally more mundane than usual, they are both hyper, and mundane. They are a mundane who is hyper.
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