Re-posting my request from the last thread, but with a couple more possible details:

Looking for an OOTS style avatar of the Librarian from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. The wizard turned orangutan.

Gender: Male
Equipment: Some sort of book/ancient tome. Bananas are optional. He's never described as wearing clothes of any kind.
Any other notable features (scars, tattoos, etc.): He's an orangutan
Skin Color, Hair color, Eye color, Race: Orangutan-ish.
Class: Technically wizard, but he doesn't really have anything on him suggesting such, besides the occasional book.
Pose you would like your avatar to be in: I'd like him sitting down reading a book, but any other pose would work for him as well.

I understand that maybe a OOTS orangutan may be a bit difficult to do, and if that's the case just let me know and I'll think of something else, though it will most likely still be Discworld themed .