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Thread: Dragonborn "tweaks" + feats

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    Default Dragonborn "tweaks" + feats

    So it isn't too much of a secret that the Dragonborn in 5e is pretty much a strictly inferior version of the half dragon, and that its breath weapon isn't exactly... Useful. Not past level 5, at least. So I've decided to maybe give it a little rework. Note, all of this is brought on by my current play of a 4e dragonborn, which is far less derptastic (in my opinion) with the implementation of the breath weapon. So here we go.

    Breath weapon Change the base recharge time to "If you do not have the use of your breath weapon when you roll for initiative, you regain the use of your breath weapon."

    Additionally, the damage increases come at levels 5, 11 and 17, and change one of the following:
    Breath weapon becomes a bonus action, and base damage becomes 1d6, allowing it to be used by martials and casters alike without removing their (typically) much, much better attack action or spell action.


    Damage increases by 2d6 each bump, giving you 2d6 at level 1-4, 4d6 at level 5-10, 6d6 at level 11-16 and 8d6 at level 17-20. This makes it a bit better for martials (a bit less disparity between the breath and the attack action), and a decent AOE for casters if they need it.

    Finally, I also have two new feats in mind for the dragonborn.


    Empowered breath
    Requirements: Dragonborn, breath weapon racial trait, Constitution 13
    Your experience with the more violent and magical energies of the world have hardened your innate magical breath, increasing its potency.
    • Increase the damage die of your breath weapon from a d6 to a d8.
    • Your breath weapon doubles its range in all dimensions.
    • You may select a second damage type from your original breath weapon choice list. When you use your breath weapon, you may choose which breath weapon damage type you use.

    Senses of the dragon
    Requirements: Dragonborn, Charisma 13
    Your draconic ancestry sharpens your senses, granting you an edge when it comes to finding and identifying those things hidden in the darker corners of the world.
    • You gain darkvision out to 60 feet.
    • You have advantage on Wisdom (perception) checks to spot hidden treasures and traps, and on Wisdom (perception) checks to listen to distant or hidden noises.
    • You have advantage on Wisdom and Intelligence checks made to identify the properties of items.
    • You are more acutely aware of the scents and tastes that deviate from the norm than a normal creature.
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