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Dragonborn tweaks?! Oh a joyous day!

The only thing I'm not sure of with this is that it makes dragon breath a magical ability. I don't have the book on me so I am not sure if they call it magical already, but I was under the impression it was non-magical. I used this to my advantage recently when faced with a cage that absorbed magic attacks. Ice breath FTW.
Dragon's breath (and most breath weapons in general) has typically been magical in most editions of D&D, and is usually called out as part of a dragon's magic (along with their size, and their general resiliency). To use your example of cold breath (which I agree is awesome), it's not exactly natural for a creature to breathe out air that's so cold that it legitimately freezes enemies to death. Same with a creature that can shoot out fire breath all day long (there ain't nobody with that much igniter fluid in their glands!) So I decided to go with dragon magic to explain how it becomes more powerful.

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This...you should make a requirement beyond racial man. This feels really powerful. Maybe a wisdom requirement?
Hmmm... Perhaps make it require a 13 charisma, given it's the dragony person doing dragony stuff to be more dragon, and dragons are associated with Str, Con and Cha?

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I think the recharge ability makes more sense. They are not directly descended from dragons (as far as I know) so they're breath attack would be weaker than someone who's parent is an actual dragon. It makes as much sense as everything else in fantasy.
I think as of 4e dragonborn are something like the great, great, great, great, great, great grandsires of dragons or something, while half dragons are more directly descended (typically the sons/ daughters/ grand children of dragons). Though I know in 3.5 that they were created instead, and I think they left both options open for 5e dragonborn origin stories.

Anyway, any opinion on the other tweaks to the breath weapon? Those are really what I was most worried about.