New comic.

And Morgan is still in the game. Even better, Aly arrives just in time to keep her there.
Go Team Chaos!

@Lurkmoar: I think Maynard's "mistake" was that he wanted to enforce a lawful outcome of the prophecy and failed to consider that a chaotic interpretation would be just as viable. Most of the roles have at least two ways they can fulfill their fate, but he expected everyone to act his way. I mean sure, the mystic turns, but against whom? Maynard expected the answer to be "the gods of vile" nd didn't expect that it could be "Slaiton Mainard". The criminal makes a example? I'm certain it will happen, but it might be a warning for those that opress others, not those that fight them.

I think the only game piece that is playing the part Maynard expects is Raina and I'm not sure that it will stay this way. (I don't count Nicole Read - Maynard made her fulfill the peasant's role the way he wanted.)