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That's the sad thing: Dragonborn are a great race conceptually, but mechanically they're the weakest :/
A lot of people say they aren't much of a good race conceptually. Personally I see them as a blank canvas, they have traits and we can improve upon them as story tellers in our settings. In my DM's campaign (my group likes to collaborate in world building. DM has most stuff set out, we get to add things with her permission) I've been trying to segregate the dragonborn clans based on color, with each clan type (because multiple clans of the same color makes sense) taking on an aspect of their dragon color that makes sense for their environment.

Sadly the only ones I have really set in stone are the white dragonborn clans. They take the ferocity of the white dragons, but they are pragmatic in their way of living in frozen wastelands. It all goes into four rules for their honor code.

1. Family comes first.
2. A duel is between two warriors.
3. Do not fight an opponent that is unable to fight.
4. Know when to follow and when to not.

I love the second and fourth rules the most because they emphasize pragmatic thinking. The second rule doesn't specify what a warrior is and what isn't a warrior, it just says that a duel is between two of them. In their culture, anyone is a warrior and anything is allowed in a duel as long as it is between two people. The moment another enters it is no longer a duel. Beyond that? Anything goes.

I like to imagine that a white dragonborn will answer a duel challenge by straight up attacking. "You asked for a duel, this is how my people duel"