Hey Folks! So, as it looks like you may be down a party member, Corvus gave me the nod to hop into the thread. My character sheet is here: Verin Pak. I'll be taking my customary Magenta for dialog.

Verin Pak is a Dwarf Neogi cleric of Olidammara. It's about the size of a large house cat and looks like the results of a teleporter accident involving a tarantula, an eel and a piranha.

Note: To avoid confusion I'll probably just use female pronouns for Verin, even though it is more of an it.

Spoiler: Verin Pak

Spoiler: Description
Small enough to fit in a bread box, and looking like the nightmare spawn of a worm and a tarantula, Verin Pak tends to stand out in a crowd if it isn't careful. It keeps it's thorax fur dyed in fetching blue and green stripes - which blend in surprisingly well when hiding. Even while living sewer-adjacent it was always as careful as possible with its personal appearance and hygiene.

Spoiler: Personality
Paranoid (understandably) and enamored of tricks and practical jokes (less understandable). Friendly enough to the 3-4 beings it has ever met who weren't trying to kill it. Also a bit vain. Probably there's a heart of gold in there, under the larcenous monster from a race of cannibals. Probably. Does sometimes think with its stomach. Not 100% all there, but would you be if most of your life was spent trying not to be murdered and/or eaten? Has a fondness for jaunty hats.

Spoiler: Background
Verin was born in the standard Neogi way: bursting from the corpse of a great old master and then scrambling desperately not to be eaten by its siblings or a bored adult Neogi. Unfortunately for Verin it was also a dwarf, which meant that it was smaller, weaker, and more delicious than its brood-mates. However, it was also more clever, managing to grow to a towering 12" before it was eventually captured by an adult 'patron'.

Althus Pak was powerful, and Verin was a useful status symbol. He'd be paraded around at parties, taken to help crush the will of new shipments of slaves, and frequently forced to sleep in the Umber Hulk stables. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though. After all, he wasn't being eaten, or getting all his legs cut off, or one of the other exciting fates that awaited many dwarf Neogi before they were powerful enough to defend themselves.

Be that as it may, it was with very little regret (if no small measure of terror) that Verin watched the fall of Althus Pak. The Dwarves found their secret caves, slaughtering as they came. Practiced in dealing with the crippling powers of the likes of Mind Flayers, the Neogi colony offered them little challenge. In the end the humanoid slaves were freed, the rest joined the Neogi and the Umber Hulks in the waste trench.

All except Verin, of course. Who - small and unobtrusive and clever (and already paranoid) - remained hidden. Eventually, long after the attackers had gone, it followed their paths, up to the surface. While safer than a Neogi nursery, Verin's travels in the wilds were traumatic and mercifully brief. Hitching a ride under a wagon, it found its way into a city.

Ah, city life! The hustle and bustle, the easily accessible sewers, the all-you-can-eat rats. If it weren't for all of the people who would kill it on sight, the city would have been perfect. As it was, Verin found its way below-ground, and eventually into the crawl-space between a library aboveground, and a hidden Temple of Olidammara below. It took to listening to sermons, sometimes even shadowing the thieves and scoundrels that worshiped there. As it was left in peace, it never relaxed, but it did begin to thank Olidammara every day it wasn't crushed under a boot or eaten by a particularly large house cat. It even started to steal small items as offerings. It also spent time in the library, sneaking in after hours and learning a little bit here and there upon a wide range of subjects, finding that for the first time in its life when it wasn't either hunted or enslaved, it actually enjoyed things other than hunting or enslaving others.

Still, nothing lasts forever, and even for a creature its size, the arrangement in the sewer began to feel cramped. Or perhaps it was just that Verin felt it should be out in the world again. Regardless, it gathered its belongings and ventured out. With a bit of a grudge against slavers, it headed toward Versuvia with a smile full of needle-sharp teeth and a plan to ruin someone's day. And so we find our beady-eyed hero and engaged upon its noble quest (or stealing anything that isn't bolted down. Whichever is more convenient at that moment.)

Spoiler: DM

So she is in the city as discussed, and a dream about particularly fancy hats has drawn her to Honest Abdul's (which, she is surprised to note upon arrival is not followed by the words 'Fabulous Hat Emporium' the way it was in her dream. However, she is willing to give the place a try.)

It's getting late, so maybe more later, but I just wanted to make sure and say hello!