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    Orlando Towkugawa Galante is ready. I'd like to pick Navy Blue as speech color (if it's not already taken).

    Regarding the questions:
    1) Metaball team, Orlando would be in for sport activities, as long as he's allowed to take his sword with him (he won't use it, he just needs to carry it). If the trainer don't allow the sword in, then Orlando is not joining.

    2) Junior Star Knights sounds like a honorable army of heroes that Orlando would gladly apply for, so count him in.

    Spoiler: Orlando Tokugawa Galante, modern samurai

    Name: Orlando Tokugawa Galante
    Description: Half-spanish, half-japanese, Orlando is a mediterranean young man with black, straight, long hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes, and facial features that might give away his japanese ancestry. He likes to dress casual to elegant and has a special taste for sober colors in his clothes like black or brown. He has a well-mantained katana that he always carries with him, sometimes on his belt, sometimes on his back, sometimes on his hand.
    1. Kinetic Energy Control and Manipulation. He can control, accelerate or decrease the kinetic energy of anything he touches, including his sword or other weapons. This provides a wide range of useful techniques, like surrounding his body with a temporal kinetic armor, and so on. Orlando's ability to tap kinetic energy also grants him superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, reflexes and reactions, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance), as his body constantly generates bio-kinetic energy and so is perfectly constructed for constant motion. This gives him an added edge that he can use to his advantage by developing an armed or unarmed acrobatic fighting style.
    2. Ancestral Sword. His katana is a sharp, indestructible sword that has the ability to easily channel Orlando's kinetic energy. He can "charge" the sword with accumulative kinetic energy as long as the sword is sheathed, and then unleash a blast of destructive force when drawn quickly. Orlando can combine all of his abilities to perform stylish, fast and deadly swordfighting maneuvers. His katana is named Meiyo.
    3. Honor. As long as Orlando is honorable, he's immune to all sort of attacks that affect his mind, spirit or emotions, including telepathy, possession, fear, mind control, and even most illusions. This is a continuous effect, that can temporarily end by Orlando's will only, but he rarely decides to do it. He loses this ability if he's dishonored.
    4. Circle of Perception. If he wishes, Orlando can generate an invisible circle of 3 meters radius centered on himself. He can increase the radius up to 30 metres, but the increase is tiresome and consumes a larger amount of time to reach that distance. Orlando can feel all the shapes and movement within the area, so it's an useful tool for finding invisible or hidden foes. The effort and concentration required to activate and mantain the Circle in a small area is minimal, so he's practically surrounded by it while he's conscious, meditating or sleeping, but not while he's unconscious or dead.

    Drawbacks (if any):
    1. Honor-bound. Despite his powerful kinetic abilities, Orlando follows a strict code of conduct with virtues such as justice, courage, mercy, politeness, honesty, honor, loyalty, and self-control. If Orlando violates them, he will lose most of his powers (and his sword will lose all of his special properties) until he redeems himself.
    2. Inheritor of the Sword. Likewise, his sword is a symbol of his personal and family honor, and Orlando must carry it wherever he goes. Most of his powers are also provided by his katana, so he loses some of his powers if he loses his sword.
    3. Kinetic Suppresion. Orlando's ponytail is not just decorative; the hair tie helps Orlando to control his kinetic energy power. Without the tie, his power is released in a powerful but uncontrolled way when Orlando uses the ability.

    Notable skills (not superpowers)
    Orlando is exceptionally well trained physically and mentally. He's an expert martial artist and swordfighter (so he can fight with or without his sword). He's also a formidable adept at iaijutsu (the art of quick drawing a sword), and has an astounding iron will, courage and resolve. Additionally he's a cultured man (with a special appreciation for music) and speaks english and spanish fluently (he knows some few japanese words, but that's not enough to communicate).
    Orlando was born in Toledo, Spain. His father being a famous japanese swordsman and his mother a spanish singer. When he was a kid, his father was (falsely) accused of terrorism and was forced to flee and abandon his family in order to protect them, but left his sword behind as heirloom for Orlando. Years later, Orlando accidentally discovered his kinetic manipulation powers and unintentionally caused a car accident. This caught the eye of the the organization that was looking for his father and thus Orlando and his mother had to leave the country. His mother made him a special hair tie that allows Orlando to suppress and control his kinetic ability (a fact that might suggest that his mother has some special abilities as well). They heard the U.S. have a school for "gifted" people, so they migrated to the country. While Orlando practiced his english, he also trained the martial skills his father taught him, as well as to harness the kinetic power on the best way possible. He also discovered his katana helped him to control his power in some way, so he eventually developed a deep connection with it. Perhaps the Academy is a good place to start looking for answers regarding himself, and to meet people like him.
    Despite his young age, Orlando is a honorable, loyal man who believes in the unbreakable power of honor. He avoids unnecesary fights, but won't doubt in defeating a powerful and honorless enemy if motives are given. He's polite and kind, often saying "please" and "thank you", but he will insist no one else can touch his sword besides him. He applies his bushido philosophy to almost any task in his life including assignments from school, so it's not uncommon his grades are good due to him being perseverant and consistent.
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