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New comic.

Raina slipped something in Morgan's food? What game is she playing there? Well, considering the adventure is far from over it is possible that she will keep playing her role in a way that goes against Maynard's plan.
The question is if this counts as part of her two possible futures of if she is going off track with helping Morgan and marrying the prince.
I guess we will know when this is over.

What I really like is that she can't be blamed for feeding Mary-Ann brains, because the prince did it. Unfortunatly he might find someone else to blame, lke our favorite Gnoll-guards or the cook.

I hope the guy Morgan hit is just knocked out, otherwise she managed to follow Aly's request/instruction for what? six seconds?
Sure, the attack wasn't intended - she didn't even expect that her powers still work - but I'm not sure Alyonubis would appreciate this distinction.

I could almost feel with the poor Slaiton - no one plays along with his glorious plan. Almost, I dislike his plan and his methods too much to feel real sympathy for him.
But it made me think: Is it possible that Maynard is controlled by the GM of the campaign? That he is a NPC? I think it makes sense considering he seems to be the Big Bad Lawful Guy of the story.
I'm hoping Rania goes further by using her charm powers on the prince and becoming the ipso facto ruler of the country. There's a lot of freedom when you're the one running things.

I don't think the tentacle punch would be enough to kill someone. Maybe in the real world, but not in a high fantasy one.