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    I'm hoping Rania goes further by using her charm powers on the prince and becoming the ipso facto ruler of the country. There's a lot of freedom when you're the one running things.
    Well, first they have to take care of Maynard. For some reason I doubt he would appreciate if Raina subverts his new order like that.
    But since we all agree already that Slaiton has to die that shouldn't be a problem.
    Manipulate the prince to do what you want, keep your party nearby to help you and /or to keep them each*other on track and everything should be fine.

    *I don't trust any member of the party on their own when it Comes to power and beeing corrupted by it. Especially not Morgan.
    I don't think the tentacle punch would be enough to kill someone. Maybe in the real world, but not in a high fantasy one.
    Eh, I'm not that confident when it comes to the durability of random mooks civilians. Those guys are there to provide scenery. And cannonfodder of course.
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