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    Default Re: MtG - You Make the Card IV: Threadwalkers

    Upgrade Droid 2MM
    Creation - Artisan U
    When ~ enters the battlefield, put a bionic counter on target explorer.

    And heres ALL the specifics:

    M: Moonrock. Gathered by tapping Moons!
    Moon/Resource: Resources are your lands. There are 5: Moons, Stars, Meteors, Gas Giants and Living Planets.
    Creation: All non-legendary creatures are creations, robots made my the player.
    Artisan: This is just a creature type as it would be in mtg.
    Bionics: Bionic counters are a general thing (at least in this block). They're a +1/+1 counter that can be removed to act as a regeneration bubble.
    Explorer: The stand in for legendary creatures, each player has up to 3 explorers in their deck. They tend to start out pretty weak, but are the only things that can benefit from equipment (which is the same as in mtg). Whenever an explorer dies, something very bad happens to you.
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