Name: Rick (Tobias)
Availability to host campaigns: very available

Contact information: PM or email

Posting frequency: Often! I'm a senior in high school and I have a pretty laid back schedule—I get out at lunch and I only have five classes that are all electives XD

Systems you can run: D&D (any except for 4e or 3.0, of course *shudder*), Dark Heresy (or other 40k games), Star Wars! (I really like Star Wars, and if anyone wants to do a Star Wars campaign that would be awesome; I'm cool with any system—even the new ones with the stupid dice or the old West End games ones)... I'm open to pretty much anything else, as well. I'm most familiar with those systems, though.

Preferred Campaign Types: I like a more balanced campaign, but I can adapt to different styles. Expect lots of action and intrigue, as well as immersive stories (and some sadistic puzzles, if you can handle them). I'm cool with any setting (especially Star Wars!), but I like to keep it pretty lighthearted and fast-paced. My goal is to create interesting stories, but I do not shy away from challenging situations, either. Characters will die.

Sample game threads: Uhh, I'm kinda new here...

Current Games: None of the play-by-post variety, but a couple in-person games.

Future Games: I'm kind of new, so I don't know if anyone trusts me to DM yet XD. I'll run anything as long as someone is willing to play.