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    Default Re: [3.5] [Mythos] "Our Flesh Is The Flame Immortal!"

    ... I did say miniature version... I figured going Ultimate Paragon would allow the whole 'shapeshifting diamond shape' bit... and by 'fortress' I meant 'being that's really frigging hard to hurt' as opposed to an actual fortress, though you did cover that...

    Sorry, if I sound nitpicky as hell, but any way to do this without relying on mind-altering effects (i.e. Rage effects) or abusing spells and possibly-unallowed psionics?

    (I will be taking note of your idea, though. For use as an antagonist if nothing else, since I'm struggling to see it being usable regularly by a player.)

    On the topic of manifestation, you could always just allow healing spells to refill the buffer. I never said it had to be self-refilling.
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