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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFireLance View Post
    Dude your religions and in world stuff is awesome. Do you ever plan on doing Wee-Jas or Pelor?
    Wee Jas is here:

    I do plan to do Pelor, yes. I'm thinking something along the lines of...


    Each of the Kings gave something unto their creation. Corellon gave it a pure white light to illuminate the beauty of creation and nourish its seeds. Moradin forged it a body of gleaming gold that could deflect any corruption. Gruumsh gave it a mighty heart so strong it could pump its energy throughout all of the world, and hung it in the sky.

    Pelor was not born, but made. He was masterfully and meticulously crafted by divine hands, a testament to the great good that the Three Kings can accomplish when they actually work together. He is the great machine that watches over creation, flying through the sky on his mighty Ki-Rin Star Thought, summoning eagles, and destroying evil with the very rays of cleansing light that nourish the land and invigorate life.

    Way back in the Creation War when Pelor was created, his first purpose was actually evaporation, to steal the power of the Deep Ones and cleanse it of corrupting salt.

    It is said that none can stand to look directly upon Pelor unless they are as pure as he.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osuniev
    As always, LudicSavant, while your expertise on the crunch of the game is obvious, to me it's the way you give fluff a flavour that I love; Every little detail like this is a golden nugget.
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