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    Default Re: [3.5] [Mythos] "Our Flesh Is The Flame Immortal!"

    Quote Originally Posted by InfiniteNothing View Post
    ... I did say miniature version... I figured going Ultimate Paragon would allow the whole 'shapeshifting diamond shape' bit... and by 'fortress' I meant 'being that's really frigging hard to hurt' as opposed to an actual fortress, though you did cover that...

    Sorry, if I sound nitpicky as hell, but any way to do this without relying on mind-altering effects (i.e. Rage effects) or abusing spells and possibly-unallowed psionics?
    Ultimate Paragon would definitely cover that, yeah.

    I think Kathodos has the best kit, mechanically, for what you want, even though the fluff might be weird. Tumultuous Geokinema Assault gives you big, powerful AoE lasers. Countersquall is a bit like the 'point defense', interrupting an enemy with, you guessed it, a big laser, potentially fizzling spellcasters and such in the process. Wind-Fire Sky Stride gives you the easiest access to flight of all Mythos classes, and Omphalic Monument Skin and Skin Like Adamant help with tankyness.

    For maximum tankitude, consider starting with a Jagannatha and taking the Anthology feats to put the relevant Kathodos stuff on your Mythos list. The Jagannatha's defensive kit will get you very tough (including a nice Touch AC, which is nice), and quite large, if you want that too.
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