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    Shadow Force Solaq

    Shadow Captain Solaq: HQ. Plasma Pistol and Power Sword. Solaq pays 10 Points to have the worst Space Marine Warlord Trait, and, in addition, enemy units that target Solaq or his unit, have to take a Leadership test; If they fail they can only shoot Snap Shots. Solaq has terrible wargear, a terrible Warlord Trait, and unless you can tank your opponent's Leadership somehow (Telepathy?), his unique Relic isn't going to do anything most of the time, either. Pretty bad. The model is nice though.

    Sternguard Squad Amerex: Oh FFS. Again!? Amerex has a Plasma Pistol and Power Sword, except this time it's infinitely worse, as Amerex is a Sergeant and only has one Wound. Squad Amerex also packs a single Heavy Flamer, and that's good, but then one of the idiots in Amerex's squad trades in his Special Issue Ammunition for a Storm Bolter, like a stupid idiot. Squad Amerex does, however pay 10 Points for a good rule; If they don't Move, Run or Charge in their turn, they gain Shrouded until your next turn. That's cool. Is Shroud worth not moving? Probably, yes. Is garbage wargear worth it? Hell no.

    Vanguard Squad Darvos: Four pairs of Lightning Claws and Darvos himself has a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Also Jump Packs. This squad isn't the worst. Partly because they're Raven Guard with Jump Packs, and that's not terrible. But then Squad Darvos goes and pays 5 Points for Fear, one of the worst rules in the game - unless you can make it work.

    Land Speeder Darkwind: A Land Speeder with an Assault Cannon. Which pays 10 Points for Scout - one of the best rules in the game - and the ability to re-roll Cover Saves. This is actually quite good. The kicker with Darkwind is that since it's a Vehicle, it doesn't have any Chapter Tactics, which means Darkwind can slot into any Space Marine army you want, regardless of Chapter Tactics, and that's pretty cool, especially since this particular Land Speeder is pretty much the only good thing to come out of Shadow Force Solaq, and RAW, it's for everyone.

    Shadow Force Solaq: The titular Formation is all of the above units. For wasting at least 80 Points on this Formation, every unit gains Scout and Acute Senses. Scout is a good rule, Acute Senses less so. In addition, the entire Formation gains Move Through Cover, which makes Squad Darvos really strong if you choose not to Scout with that particular unit. Jump Infantry with MTC are strong. Raven Guard Jump Infantry are strong as far as any Jump unit could be considered strong. So, yeah.

    Ultimately, Shadow Force Solaq is really, really bad. The only good thing about this box is the Land Speeder - and even then it's not that good, because it's still a Land Speeder. The entire Formation is...Well it's not bad, but if you're going to combine a bunch of bad units together, giving them all Scout and MTC is one way to make them not awful. Still, you can save a couple of bucks by simply buying all the units individually, and then not hamstringing yourself with terrible wargear on the Sternguard and paying points for Fear which barely matters. The only thing you miss out on is the Captain Solaq model, but, let's be real, the only thing you actually want is his helmet.
    ...Don't buy this box. It's not worth it. This ain't no Deathstorm. In fact, it's not even as good as Stormclaw.
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