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    Debihuman- I took your advice and updated Siracco of the Last Breath- thanks!

    New idea for a creepy material for weaspons/armor and items to be made of. Are new materials ok?

    Material: Bonemold

    This material is a compound made from bone and blood. Its reflected light cuts through the air like an angry moon, gleaming a pale, almost irridecent white. Fingers of dark red, spidering like veins, run across the surface. This necromantically engineered material is easily molded when fresh from the fires of its creation, but sets hard and strong within an hour. Properly applied transmutation and necromancy can render it moldable again, but it is otherwise strong and unyielding, melting into useless paste if heated in a forge. Items made from this substance weigh half as much as the same item forged from steel, but provide the same armor bonus and damage.

    Despite functioning like steel in most respects, Bonemold is partially undead and is easier to repair than items of metal. When a piece of Bonemold is subject to negative energy damage, such as an Inflict Wounds spell, it heals just as an undead would. If some object of Bonemold, such as a wall, is targeted with such an effect which does not target an area, a 5ft square of bonemold must be specifically targeted to receive healing. Any negative energy damage left over after that square returns to full health bleeds into the adjacent square with the least amount of hp, healing it as well. Repeat using the new square to determine where extra healing goes until either the negative energy runs out, or no adjacent squares are damaged.

    Objects of bonemold have a hardness of 6 and 7 hp per inch of thickness. (Per item, or per 5 ft square.)
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