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    I don't know what I'll put in here but I have definitely wanted one of these for awhile; glad I finally found it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFour View Post
    Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but what surprises me about the reactions to this strip in particular is how negative people are about the arrival of Julio because of what it "means" about whether or not OOTS is getting out of this situation without help, and what that means to the quality of the strip overall. Setting aside the question of whether Elan's charisma is a powerful asset without which they wouldn't have Julio's assistance, we don't know yet what's going to happen! This strip has surprised us all before and probably will continue to do so.

    Many of the reactions to the strips are written in a tone that suggests the commenter believes there are no more strips coming, with pronouncements on the implications of Rich's plot or character choices. I guess that might be because people are so invested in the story and never know for sure when (or whether, god forbid, because the Giant is human after all) another will be posted, and each new posted strip is another opportunity to release pent-up anxiety about getting more story. It's hard to be patient but I suspect it's premature to make assessments of the story until it's done in four or five more years.

    I often marvel at Rich's restraint at not arguing with more of the posters when they make broad statements about strips being disappointing, or D&D rules not being followed, or whatever. I know the internet provides a new way for consumers of stories to interact with authors, but this strip must be setting records for sheer volume of commentary and discussion per page produced. What other author has ever produced something of this length while having it nitpicked and challenged (and praised) by readers literally every step of the way?

    It's kind of amazing to behold.

    Anyway I think the story continues to be engaging and exciting and my two cents are that Julio was set up a long time ago and this is just one more example of Rich planning ahead a lot more than just about anyone who writes serialized fiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lvl 2 Expert View Post
    I am the very model of a Roguish Elven Gunslinger
    I've got my sneaky boots on and a very twitchy gunfinger
    I know the kings all hate it when I stop their fights historical
    By killing all the warriors both quickly and methodical
    I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical
    I understand trajectories, the air drag is quadratical
    I know the myth of Isis, Horus' mother and the sunbringer
    I am the very model of a Roguish Elven Gunslinger

    ****I am limited to one musical interlude per session.

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