Bonemold's really cool, Erradin! "The soup's just soup. Chicken and broth. Quit being paranoid. Now, the bowl, on the other hand..."

Here's something I made a little while ago. Tried to make more, but... yeah. The bigger it is, the slower it goes.

Joke O' Lantern

Minor Wondrous Item

The Joke O' Lantern appears to be a magically-treated pumpkin, decoratively carved to hold a candle or similar light source within. It is roughly 3 lbs., and projects light as the spell from within; this is because there is no mundane light source within, but rather, the whole object is built to host a series of self-sustaining projection and illusion effects.

The light cast by the Joke O' Lantern does illuminate as normal; however, any thing caught within its light is morphed by the silent image effect into an inhuman thing, like a zombie, ghost, vampire, or werebeast. Their vocalizations are also distorted, becoming vaguely-appropriate growls, squeals, laughter of all kinds, and so on. Even the environment is warped to look and sound like a more macabre or grim place: most favor the haunted mansion or mysterious forest aesthetics, but a number exist to replicate locations as diverse as dilapidated shipwrecks, ruined cities, desecrated tombs, extraterrestrial colonies, hellish nightmare worlds, and really anything else you can imagine.

A Joke O' Lantern's capacity for illusionism has its limits, though. The image quality is less than stellar, with objects in motion often seeming to interpose over each other rather than deform or impact, and light sources other than the Lantern's own washing out visual depth and coloration considerably. The sound is also prone to random shifts in pitch and volume, as though coming from much closer or further than apparent. Combined, these audio-visual gaffes grant observers DC 13 Spot and Listen checks to realize flaws in the fake environs (they receive both) at 0 initiative each turn, which if passed then grants them a DC 12 Will save to disbelieve, as though they had "studied it carefully". Anyone who is not at least shaken receives a +4 bonus to the save to disbelieve; on the flip side, anyone frightened or worse does not receive these Spot or Listen checks to disbelieve at all, as the fear in their minds pushes down any scepticism they could otherwise muster.

A Joke O' Lantern can be "turned on or off" with a swift action, by using an easily-missed pad or level on its lower backside. Joke O' Lanterns are normally set out as scenery, but can be easily affixed with a handle via indents at the sides, which allow it to be carried comfortably as a one-handed implement.

Prerequisites: CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, ghost sound, light, silent image, ventriloquism; Price 750 gp