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    “We are all blessed. We need only discover how.”
    -Ind Larien, Coalescant.

    Long ago, when the planes were new, the first gods set out to create life. It was an interesting experiment. Each living being would be granted a soul, a shard of the infinite, yet be subject to novel problems: What we now know of as “mortal concerns.” To aid in the success of this rather risky venture, the gods created a series of trusts. From Pelor came the trust of heat, for mortals to call on when cold proved a concern. From Corellon Larethian came a trust of senses, so that mortals could always find their way to safety. From Kord came the trust of strength and vigor, for when life was too heavy. From Nerull came a store of weight, for when life was too light. Beings in touch with them learned to refill their stores, so that the seed power from the gods would never run dry.

    Mortals survived, and prospered. The concern of the gods, although well intentioned, was never necessary. Access to the trusts was lost, followed by knowledge of their existence – to most.

    Adventures: Few secrets can be found at home. Each Trust is unlocked differently, and some require exacting conditions: Perhaps an emotion, like ecstasy or despair. Perhaps a location, and a specific time. A simple fact of adventurers is that they rarely spend too much time experiencing the same things. Were these steps always necessary? Some seem connected to the god that set it in motion, like the trust of Heat requiring the Coalescant to burn a candles under a shaft of sunlight.

    Once the Trust is unlocked, it still takes practice and dedication for the coalescant to call on its powers at will. Another adventuring truism: You will never be bored.

    Characteristics: Generally, Coalescants don't do anything that others can't do. Instead, they do things better, faster, and more effectively, up to and past the point where it feels like a different ability entirely. Given a century or two, anybody could do what the coalescant is capable of. Although by that point, they might find it easier to become a coalescant themselves!

    Alignment: Anybody can learn the art of Coalescence, with the only requirement being a mortal soul. However, coalescants are frequently lawful and overwhelmingly non-chaotic, due to the discipline involved in mastering the craft.

    Religion: A Coalescant can choose to follow the alignment of the deities whose trusts they most value, but this is a personal choice, nothing more. The trusts are self-sustaining, and after the seed power, have little connection to the gods. Many coalescants take a wide view of the pantheon above.

    Background: Coalescants are driven by a deep-seated curiosity. What did the gods leave us, and how can we find it? Some mix this with ambition: How can I use these once-divine energies for myself? Others with altruism: Can I share these blessings with the people? In all of recorded history, only one coalescant is self-taught. All others have learned at least something from his example, many years ago.

    Races: While humans are of course the most common coalescants, elves, dwarves, and other long-lived races make up more than their fair share. Studying coalescence is an arduous process, and discovering and unlocking more obscure trusts requires long hours of experimentation.

    Other Classes: Coalescants share a philosophical outlook with clerics, but their primary means of adventuring are more similar to those of incarnates. They tend to behave similarly to, and get along poorly with, factotums.

    Role: A coalescant is a jack of most trades. By coalescing each trust, the coalescant can take on various roles, both in battle and out of it. In combat, most coalescants stand up front with fighters, although they can stand back and serve as archers if the need arises. Out of combat, a coalescant can become extrinsically skilled at almost any task.

    Adaptation: The Coalescant can be reskinned in many ways. The most simple is to change the source of the trusts, to whatever gods or entities seem appropriate. The trusts can also be an intrinsic, personal storehouse of power, rather than an eternal battery from the above.

    Game Rule Information
    Coalescants have the following game statistics.
    Abilities: Most coalescants are front line fighters, favoring strength and constitution. However, the very nature of their trade necessitates some measure of intellect, and the extra intelligence can supplement their already-impressive skill set. High charisma can let a coalescant serve as the front-man to any group.
    Alignment: Any.
    Hit Die: D10
    Starting Age: Complex (as wizard).
    Starting Gold: 5D4x10 GP (125 GP)

    Class Skills
    All skills in the player's handbook are class skills for the coalescant.

    Skill Points at first Level: (8 + Int modifier) x 4.
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int Modifier.

    Table: The Coalescant
    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Trusts Special
    Coalescant Meditation
    Speed Boost (Immediate)
    Trust of Metabolism
    Speed Boost (Delayed Immediate)
    Transitive Coalescence (4:1)
    Speed Boost (Two Stores)
    Bonus Coalescence Feat
    Speed Boost (Floating Swift Action)
    Passive Store
    Speed Boost (Three Stores)
    Metabolic Burst
    Speed Boost (Additional Swift Action)
    Transitive Coalescence (2:1)
    Speed Boost (Unlimited Stores)
    Bonus Coalescence Feat
    Speed Boost (Two Additional Swift Actions)
    Master Coalescant
    Transitive Coalescence (1:1)
    Trust of Soul

    Class Features

    All of the following are class features of the coalescant.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A coalescant is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as light, medium, and heavy armor, and shields.

    Coalescence (Su): A coalescant learns how to draw resources from the divine through access to trusts left by the gods. It gains access to a trust at first level and every two levels thereafter, as shown on table: The Coalescant. See "Unlocking trusts," below,

    Access to trusts is not without risk: Once accessed, a coalescant's body passively “pays in” to fill the store of the trust. Each trust available to it will thus confer a penalty (and occasionally a minor benefit) when flat-footed at the start of combats. Once it is able to act in combat, it may turn off these payments.

    While out of combat, a coalescant may choose to cut itself off from a known trust. If it does, it no longer takes that trust's penalty, but it may not use the trust until it decides to reopen access. Both cutting off a trust and reopening it require 5 minutes of uninterrupted meditation.

    A coalescant begins combat with a store in each known trust equal to twice its coalescant level. For instance, a 4th level coalescant with the trusts of health and vigor begins combat with 8 point in health and 8 points in vigor. The trusts are immeasurably huge: This store represents only the amount the coalescant is able to draw on in a short period.

    Coalescing a trust is a swift action. A trust, once coalesced, remains coalesced at the same strength until the store runs out. Stopping a coalescence is a free action that can be performed on the coalescant's turn. Altering the strength of a coalescence is the same action as starting one.

    Each trust provides a benefit while coalesced that scaled based on the strength of the coalescence. If an active store has fewer points remaining than the strength of the tap, then on the coalescant's next turn, it will use all points remaining in the store and coalesce at that lower strength. The maximum strength of a coalescence is the user's coalescant level.

    Some trusts grant bonuses to skills. All stores grant skill mastery for any skill so long as it provides at least a +5 bonus to that skill. All skills being boosted by coalescence can be used untrained. For purposes of feats and skill tricks granted by trusts, all coalesced skill bonuses count as skill ranks.

    A coalescant can also use these powers out of combat. To full refresh all expended stores, it must spend 5 minutes without performing strenuous physical or mental activity.

    Trust of Emotion: Created by Garl Glittergold, god of Gnomes, the trust of emotion sees that no mortal will lack the capacity to process and relate to their environment. Coalescing Emotion can make a coalescant more empathic, caring, or even manipulative.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, and Sense Motive.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Emotion provides +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, and Sense Motive per point of strength. For every 5 points coalesced, Emotion grants an interaction skill trick, so long as all prerequisites are met.

    Trust of Health: Created by Moradin, god of Dwarves, the trust of health gives all mortal safeguard against injury, sickness and exhaustion. Coalescing Health makes a coalescant hardier.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to fortitude saves and constitution checks for strenuous activity, -1 to Concentration, and -2 hit points,
    Benefit: When coalesced, Health provides +1 to fortitude saves and constitution checks for strenuous activity, +1 to concentration checks, and +2 hit points per point of strength. These hit points are not lost first like temporary hit points are: When Health is no longer coalesced, maximum and temporary hit points both go down. Health also grants a 5% chance to resist sneak attacks and critical hits per point of strength.

    Trust of Heat: Created by Pelor, god of the Sun, the trust of Heat gives all mortals a soothing balm in the material world's coldest places. Coalescing Heat makes a coalescant warm to the touch.
    Penalty when leaned: -1 to saves and constitution checks vs. cold and cold effects, +1 to saves and constitution checks vs. heat and fire effects, fire resistance 1.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Heat grants +1 to saves and constitution checks vs. cold and cold effects, cold resistance 1, and 1 point of fire damage to all melee attacks, per point of strength, as well as -1 to saves and constitution checks vs. heat and fire effects. However, a coalescant may also choose to pay into Heat much faster. Activating this is just like coalescing a trust, with the same maximum strength but no stores to exhaust. For each point of strength paid in, Heat provides +1 to saves and constitution checks vs. heat and fire effects, fire resistance 1, and 1 point of cold damage on all melee attacks, but also provides -1 to saves and constitution checks vs. cold and cold effects.

    Trust of Individuality: Created by Hextor, god of Tyranny, the trust of individuality ensures that no mortal will forget their agency in the world. Coalescing Individuality makes a coalescant strong-willed and hard to sway.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to will saves, Disguise, Intimidate, Survival, Use Magic Device, and Craft checks.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Individuality grants a +1 to will saves, Disguise, Intimidate, Survival, Use Magic Device, and Craft checks per point of strength. If at least 10 points are coalesced, Individuality grants immunity to all mind-affecting abilities, both those that would be applied and those already in place.

    Trust of Motor Learning: Created by Heironeous, god of Valor, the trust of Motor Learning helps ensure that studied skills gain and maintain their sharpness. Coalescing Motor Learning makes a coalescant careful and precise in its motions, even when working quickly.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to melee attack rolls, Balance, Disable Device, Open Lock, and Ride.
    Benefit: When Coalesced, Motor Learning provides a +1 to melee attack rolls, Balance, Disable Device, Open Lock, and Ride checks per point of strength. For every 5 points coalesced, Motor Learning provides a manipulation skill trick, so long as all prerequisites are met.

    Trust of Nimbleness: Created by Olidammara, god of Trickery, the trust of Nimbleness ensures that no mortal will fail in their more dexterous pursuits. Coalescing Nimbleness makes a coalescant agile and skillful at all fine tasks.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to ranged attack rolls, Escape Artist, Hide, and Tumble.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Nimbleness provides a +1 to ranged attack rolls, Escape Artist, Hide, and Tumble per point of strength. Nimbleness also grants Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. For every 5 points of strength, Nimbleness grants an additional feat, so long as it requires point blank shot and the coalescant meets all prerequisites.

    Trust of Sense: Created by Corellon Larethian, god of Elves, the trust of Senses makes sure no mortals will be caught unawares. Coalescing Sense gives a coalescant almost preternatural knowledge of its surroundings.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to Initiative checks, Listen, Search, and Spot.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Sense provides a +1 to initiative, Listen, Search, and Spot check per point of strength, as well as trapfinding and blindsense with a range of 5 feet per point of strength. If at least 5 points are coalesced, Sense grants Scent. If at least 10 points are coalesced, the blindsense becomes blindsight.

    Trust of Speed: Created by Fharlanghn, god of Travel, the trust of speed ensures that no mortals will be rooted to a spot. Coalescing speed gives a coalescant fast hands and even faster feet.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to reflex saves, Sleight of Hand, and -5 to move speeds.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Speed provides +1 to reflex saves and Sleight of Hand per point of strength, as well as +5 feet to all movement modes per two points of strength. If at least 5 points are coalesced, Speed grants a climb and a swim speed equal to this speed boost (effectively granting climb 0 and swim 0, then boosting them). For every 5 points coalesced, Speed grants a movement skill trick, so long as all prerequisites are met.

    Trust of Thoughts: Created by Boccob, god of Magic, the trust of thoughts ensures that no mortal will be without information when it's truly necessary. Coalescing Thoughts gives a coalescant knowledge, even about things it's never heard of.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to Appraise, Heal, Spellcraft, and all knowledge checks.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Thoughts provides a +1 to Appraise, Heal, Spellcraft, and all knowledge checks per point of strength. Due to the speed at which the knowledge flows through the brain, Thoughts also grants the ability to appraise any item as a move action. For every 5 points coalesced, Thoughts grants a mental skill trick, so long as all prerequisites are met.

    Trust of Vigor: Created by Kord, god of Strength, the trust of Vigor makes certain mortals can overpower any challenge. Coalescing Vigor gives a coalescant more heft in its limbs and more power in its swings.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to melee damage rolls, composite bow damage rolls, and Swim.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Vigor grants a +1 to melee and composite bow damage rolls, and a +1 to Swim checks, per point of strength. When wielding a two-handed melee weapon, Vigor increases damage rolls with that weapon +3 per 2 points of strength, rounded down. Vigor also provides Power Attack, and for every 5 points of strength, an additional feat, so long as it requires power attack and all prerequisites are met.

    Trust of Weight: Created by Nerull, god of Death, the trust of Weight allows all mortals to feel the gravity of the material world. Coalescing Weight gives a coalescant unshakable stability.
    Penalty when learned: -1 to opposed grapple, opposed trip, and opposed bull rush checks, and +1 to Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks.
    Benefit: When coalesced, Weight grants +1 to opposed grapple, opposed trip, and opposed bull rush checks, as well as -1 to Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks, per point of strength. However, a coalescant may also choose to pay into Weight much faster. Activating this is just like coalescing a trust, with the same maximum strength but no stores to exhaust. For each point of strength paid in, Weight provides +1 to Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks, but gives a -1 to opposed grapple, trip, and bull rush checks.

    Coalescant Meditation (Ex): A 2nd level coalescant can spend a full-round action coalescing power to add 2 points to any store, up to that store's maximum.

    Speed Boost (Ex): A coalescant must get used to invoking minor mental and physical commands at all times. At 3rd level, it may coalesce a trust as an immediate action.

    At 5th level, when using an immediate action, if a coalescant has a swift action remaining from its previous round, it may expend that swift action to use an immediate action (instead of expending a swift action from its current or next round).

    At 7th level, a coalescant may coalesce or alter two stores per action spent, instead of one.

    At 9th level, a coalescant gains an additional swift or immediate action per encounter. It may be used at any time so long as it is not flat-footed.

    At 11th level, a coalescant gains the ability to coalesce or alter three stores per action spent.

    At 13th level, instead of gaining an addition swift action each encounter, a coalescant gains an additional swift action each round.

    At 15th level, a coalescant may coalesce or alter any number of stores when spending an action to do so.

    At 17th level, a coalescant gains an additional swift action each round, for a total of 2 additional swift actions.

    Trust of Metabolism (Ex): Created by Yondalla, goddess of Halflings, the store of metabolism enables a Coalescant to skip meals, so long as it consumes nutrients when convenient. A 4th level coalescant no longer must eat, drink, or breathe, so long as it performs those actions when convenient and never falls behind in any more than one month per coalescant level.

    Transitive Coalescence (Ex): A 6th level coalescant gains the ability to transition stores between its known trusts. When a store would run out while being tapped, it may choose to deplete other stores to keep tapping the original power. Every 4 points deducted from other stores will count as 1 point towards the actively coalesced trust. It may keep multiple trusts alive and keep trusts alive for multiple rounds past their natural end so long as it has points in other powers to transition. It may not, however, coalesce a trust or change the strength of a coalesced trust with an empty store.

    At 14th level, a coalescant may transfer stores between two trusts at a 2:1 ratio.

    At 19th level, it may transfer stores at a 1:1 ratio.

    Bonus Coalescence feat (Ex): At 8th level and again at 16th level, a coalescant gains a bonus Coalescence feat, as seen on Table: The Coalescant. It must meet the prerequisites for these feats.

    Passive Store (Ex): A 10th level coalescant learns to pay into the trusts while asleep. As long as it does so, it suffers no penalties from paying into powers while awake, unless desired.

    Metabolic Burst (Ex): A 12th level coalescant can expend 2 swift and/or immediate actions on its turn to take an additional move action.

    Master Coalescant (Ex): An 18th level coalescant has learned to draw more deeply from the deific trusts. At the start of each turn, it gains points equal to its coalescant level that it can split as it chooses between any number of currently-coalescing stores, up to their maximums. For instance, an 18th level coalescant coalescing 10 points of speed and 15 points of motor learning may choose to gain 10 points of speed and 8 points of motor learning per round, effectively coalescing speed for free and spending only 7 points of motor learning per round. Doing so requires concentrating. As long as it does so, it may not take 10 on any activity, short of skills with which it has skill mastery.

    Trust of Soul (Sp): Created by Wee Jas, goddess of Magic, the most obscure and sought-after trust contains raw magical energy. By spending a number of rounds equal to the level of the spell, a coalescant may cast a spell from the sorcerer/wizard list, so long as its normal casting time is under one round, the range is personal, and the target is “You.” This spell is otherwise cast normally, requiring all normal components and concentration checks, and suffering arcane spell failure chances. A 0-level spell requires a standard action to cast. It may cast any given spell only once per day, and must rest like a spellcaster to refresh this.

    Unlocking Trusts
    The following is primarily advice to dungeon masters thinking of including coalescants in their games.

    Not every class requires plot hooks. Some classes are designed so that they can function in any campaign. Others seem to require large parts of campaigns to be built around them. The coalescant can be used anywhere between these extremes. Below is advice for building plot hooks and adventures around a coalescant party member. If any of the advice doesn't fit in a particular table, it can be left out, with no other detriment to the function of the class.

    Coalescants must unlock trusts before they can be used. Unlocking a trust does not immediately grant the ability to coalesce the trust, otherwise well-connected or knowledgeable coalescants would have access to all of the trusts from level 1 onwards. Instead, the number of trusts presented on the table serve as an upper bound for how many unlocked trusts can be trained in, allowing the coalescant to use them.

    A coalescant should never be entirely out of ideas on how to unlock trusts. In settlements at least as large as a large town, a coalescent should be able to dig up at least some helpful information with a successful gather information check. The coalescent must ask local coalescants, as well as local centers of religion, education, and magic. The DC to find information on unlocking a trust is generally 25-30. When gathering information, a coalescant may add the community modifier (DMG 139) to its roll. Specific trusts may be easier or harder to unlock, at the Dungeon Master's discretion.

    The tasks required to unlock trusts should not be mechanically challenging. A coalescant can begin with any trust unlocked, meaning that all trusts can be unlocked by a character taking their first level. Dungeon Masters are encouraged to modify the tasks should they choose, but none should be impossible.

    The class also grants two trusts outside of normal trust progression. The trust of metabolism is granted on its own fairly early because it is too mechanically weak to require a two-level investment. Conversely, the trust of soul is granted in the class's final level because it is too powerful to allow access at early levels. The tasks for these trusts should not require a lot of investment to learn. If a coalescant misses a desired trust from its normal progression, it should be able to find a few trusts to unlock, or already have some unlocked that it can train. These two, as they have no replacement, would simply mean the coalescant has no class abilities for those levels until the trust is unlocked.

    Below are tasks for each trust. These are meant to be reasonably easy to accomplish. Feel free to make them more difficult if the journey of the coalescant's discovery plays a larger role in your campaign.

    Trust of Emotion: Garl Glittergold, the prankster, requires a coalescant tell a joke at a tavern that causes the listeners to laugh so hard they cry - or to tell a story so sad that they just cry.

    Trust of Health: Moradin, the soul forger, requires a coalescant to witness the birth (or hatching, or assembly) of a life.

    Trust of Heat: Pelor, the shining one, requires a coalescant to burn candles and meditate under a sunny sky or a shaft of sunlight.

    Trust of Individuality: Hextor, who bows to none, requires a coalescant to gain an advantage by succeeding on an intimidate check or to successfully resist at Charm or Dominate spell.

    Trust of Motor Learning: Heironeous, rewarder of hard work and practice, requires a coalescant to solve scrambled a puzzle cube in under a minute. (Puzzle cubes cost 5GP.)

    Trust of Nimbleness: Olidammara, avoider of consequence, requires a coalescant escape from tied rope bonds.

    Trust of Sense: Corellon Larethian, keen of eye, requires a coalescant to notice a hidden trap or hazard unassisted.

    Trust of Speed: Fharlanghn, the wanderer, requires a coalescant to walk five miles straight through woodlands and then return by the same path.

    Trust of Thoughts: Boccob, the all-knowing, requires a coalescant to remember and exploit an enemy's weakness.

    Trust of Vigor: Kord, the brawler, requires a coalescant to win a fair battle unarmed.

    Trust of Weight: Nerull, the reaper, requires a coalescant to hold a living being as it dies.

    Trust of Metabolism: Yondalla, the provider, requires a coalescant to eat at least one day's worth of food at once.

    Trust of Soul: Wee Jas, death's guardian, requires a coalescant to fundamentally alter the lives of a large group of people.

    Coalescence Feats

    Background Power [Coalescence]
    You have learned to pay into one power when you sleep, and coalesce it passively during the day.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence
    Benefit: Choose one trust you know. You are no longer affected by its penalty. At all times, you are treated as though you are tapping that power with a strength of one third your coalescant level, rounded down. You may not change this or access the power in this store in any other way.
    Special: You must sleep, trance, or otherwise remain active for multiple hours per day to use this feat. You may take this feat multiple times, for a different trust each time.

    Coalescant Jumpstart [Coalescence]
    You are adept at transferring power between your stores. After all, power is power is power.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence, Transitive Coalescence
    Benefit: You may start and change the strength of your coalescent taps after their stores have emptied, using transitive coalescence.

    Fast Tap [Coalescence]
    You can drain your stores more quickly.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence
    Benefit: The cap of your Coalescant tap strength increases to one and a half times your level, rounded down. If taken a second time, your maximum tap strength increases to twice your level.
    Special: You may take this feat twice.

    Improved Stores [Coalescence]
    You can draw on more power from the trusts at a time.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence
    Benefit: Increase your maximum store of each trust by 2. For instance, a 5th level coalescant begins each combat with 12 points in each store instead of 10.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time, increase your maximum stores by 2.

    Innate Coalescence [Coalescence]
    You have practiced your coalescant abilities enough that your access to the trust surpasses traditional magical understanding.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence
    Benefit: Your Coalescence ability is extraordinary.
    Normal: Calling on the trusts is a supernatural act.

    Power Meditation [Coalescence]
    You can store more power.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence, Coalescant Meditation
    Benefit: Increase the points granted by your Coalescent Meditation by 4.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

    Specialized Trust [Coalescence]
    You become more efficient with one trust.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence, Improved Stores
    Benefit: Choose one trust. When coalescing that trust for at least 1 point, treat it as though you were coalescing 2 additional points per round.
    Special: You may take this feat once for every trust known.

    Signature Power [Coalescence]
    You've used one power enough that you've expanded your reach.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence, Specialized Trust in the chosen trust.
    Benefit: Double your stores for your specialized trust. In addition, you gain a special benefit when using your chosen trust:
    Trust of Emotion grants you the ability to detect thoughts of anyone in your vision, as the spell (Will Save DC 10 + 1/2 your class level + your charisma modifier), and to emote your feelings to those that can see your back (treat this as telepathy so long as you are being observed).

    Trust of Health grants you damage reduction equal to your 1/2 your class level.

    Trust of Heat grants you resistance to energy equal to your class level.

    Trust of Individuality grants you spell resistance equal to 10 + your class level.

    Trust of Motor Learning grants you sneak attack equal to 1D6 for every 2 class levels, rounded down.

    Trust of Nimbleness grants you doubled range with all ranged weapons, and 5 feet of additional reach.

    Trust of Sense grants you the extraordinary ability to See Invisibility with a range of 5 feet per 2 class levels.

    Trust of Speed grants +10 feet to all movement modes.

    Trust of Thoughts grants you Knowledge Devotion as well as 8 skill points, which must be spent immediately.

    Trust of Vigor grants you +2 strength.

    Trust of Weight grants you doubled carrying capacity as well as the Improved Bull Rush, Improved Trip, and Improved Grapple feats.

    Speed Meditation [Coalescence]
    You can store power quickly.
    Prerequisite: Coalescence, Coalescent Meditation
    Benefit: You can use your Coalescent Meditation ability as a move action. If taken twice, you can meditate as a swift action.
    Special: You may take this feat twice.

    Coalescant Lore
    Characters with ranks in knowledge (The Planes) can research coalescants to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including the information from lower DCs.

    DC 10: When they first created life, the gods gave us trusts of power. A coalescant has unlocked these ancient trusts.

    DC 15: Using a trust requires a coalescant to pay into it, weakening themselves so that the trust's power remains constant. Trusts can enhance the coalescant's strength, vitality, speed, knowledge, or even will.

    DC 20: Each trust requires a trial to unlock. The trial is one mandated by the god who created that trust.

    DC 25: A Character that succeeds in a check this successful should learn information about specific coalescants in the world, such as the first coalescant, who first discovered and unlocked the trusts from ages long past.

    Sample Encounter
    An encounter with a coalescant should present players with a jack of all trades, capable of performing almost any task. As an ally, the coalescant can fill any role the party finds vacant, short of roles that require spellcasting. As an enemy, the coalescant's first priority would also be spellcasters, and it would use all speed necessary to ensure they are removed from the fight.

    EL 5. Ind Larien is a changeling coalescant, as it decided a suite of power capable of changing form would be perfect for its ever-changing physique. It spends most time undercover, investigating corruption in churches or political institutions, then outing them to the people. Ind avoids direct confrontation. If it must battle, Ind will pick off enemies from behind cover, and change shape often to confuse them, especially into each other.

    Ind Larien CR5
    Genderless Changeling Coalescant 5
    NG Medium Humanoid
    [B]Init +1; Senses Listen +8, Spot +8
    Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Giant, Draconic, Goblin, Orc
    AC 16, Touch 11, Flat-Footed 15 (+1 Dex, +5 Armor)
    HP 42 (5 HD)
    Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +4 (-1 Reflex while flat footed, +2 against sleep and charm)
    [B]Speed 30 ft. (6 squares) (-5 feet while flat footed)
    Base Atk +5; Grp +5
    Special Actions Coalescence (Su, Immediate activation, 12 points per trust, cap 5. Trust of Speed: Reflex Saves, Sleight of Hand, 2.5ft Move speed, Movement skill trick at 5 points. Trust of Thoughts: Appraise, Heal, Spellcraft, Knowledge, Quick Appraise, Mental skill trick at 5 points. Trust of Vigor: +1 to Melee, Compound Bow damage, Swim, Power Attack, Extra feat at 5 points), Meditation (Move action, +2 to store of one trust), Minor Change Shape (as Disguise Self)
    Abilities Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16
    Feats Improved Stores, Speed Meditation
    Skills Bluff +13, Disguise +23, Intimidate +10, Move Silently +8, Hide +8, Sleight of Hand +9, Sense Motive +10, Tumble +8
    Posessions +1 Chain Shirt, Masterwork Dagger, Composite Longbow, 50 Arrows, Greatsword, Healing Belt, Thieves' Tools, Disguise Kit, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Barkskin