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Raina's comment is great. I hope she stays in the story for a while. Sure, Maynard and Tiberius can't execute her for aiding Morgan, not without causing trouble the book might be unable to solve, but accidents happen and wouldn't it be tragic if Lady Isabella dies due to a attack from the Black Powder Kraken or one of her allies?

Maynard's speech sounds like he is going to steer more towrds "evil" in the name of "law". I wonder how many crimes and atrocities Morgan is going to commit and how many "regulations" will be made in the name of a safe and stable society.
And is he calling Tiberius "kindhearted"? Really? How can he say that without a hint of sarcasm?
I think that might be a sign that they'll push Law a little too far and get an actual rebellion as a result. There is only so much people will put up with if you go too far.

Tiberius is arguably kindhearted. He certainly prioritized civilian safety over recapturing Morgan. He just doesn't value freedom at all.