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Spoiler: New comic
How. How did he get out, much less as fast as he had to have swam to make it to Turan as quick as he apparently has. I REALLY hope this one gets explained.
Well, it has been three or four days since Thatch made his involuntary diving trip and he is undead. I would guess he swam or walked. It's not like he has to pause to eat or sleep.
Another option is that he summoned some zombies to help him.

Thatch working with Autumn? That should be fun. He is a lich bard who fights fate. She is a were-crow witch that wants to kill him to avange her coven. They commit crime.

Who wants to bet that "Odinam's Blessing" is some form of brainwashing? It would fit Maynard's speech and the way the book works.

A shame that the two redshirts most likely won't appear again - not alive at least.