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    Aurani Meirhindaniacolanmastarania

    You should be calling me 'Lady Aurani', or 'Rhin'

    Being a child of (House) Aura, Mei, daughter of Rhi, daughter of Da, son of Cola, daughter of Mastara, son of the Iron Line.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon (ilelánden-daoin'tel'quessir, Electrum (harp) variant)
    Age: ~1200 years experienced
    Alignment: Neutral Good, Blue
    Profession: Worldcrafter. Mei designs and builds solar systems for sale (at an appropriately astronomical price) to gods and other cosmic entities.
    Power Rating: S- or 7 (Demi-god)
    Description: A sleek reptilian dragon of arbitrary size, shiny scales the color of electrum covering a silvery skin, horns like an ibex, four legs, each with four claws, two long wings like the fin of a sailfish that extend all the way down her tail, which ends in a tuft of feathers, the only spot of another color on her, a vivid red. She might be as small as Aki, or as much as three kilometers long. Head shape #25 or #50.
    Personality: Arrogant and vain (having an accurate perception of what being a dragon is like), intensely curious, prone to jumping into things without thinking and brazen denial of unpleasant truths.
    Equipment: Business cards. A plain gold ring.
    Abilities: Flying: In defiance of physics, despite lack of air.
    Weather Control: Pretty much limitless.
    Lightning Breath: Like breathing fire, but making a bit less sense.
    Perfection: Mei simply doesn't do really badly at anything, ever, and couldn't be clumsy if she tried.
    Healthy: Never suffers from mundane diseases. Doesn't mind most toxins. Can endure any voltage or current, moderately extreme temperatures (nothing above 'corona of the sun', please, although freezing would be a little more successful), hard vacuum, bottom of the ocean pressures, brief immersion in acids and bases, cosmic radiation, etc. No particular natural resistance to harmful vibrations.
    Immortality: Now that she's fully grown, will never get older.
    Mantle: Mei maintains the integrity of the universe in her local area and can't be affected by anything that warps reality or alters the physical or magical laws she believes in.
    Conduit: Mei could give people who believe in her the power to do minor miracles, if she wanted. So far, she doesn't want that.
    Dragon Magic: All those other impossible things they do. Fast and slow, light and dark, here to there, climbing up walls, healing, seeing through illusions, etc.
    Backstory: Long and complicated. Mei was the secret background character tying together everything that's happened with Recaiden's characters from her world. From Majauril, left on the refugee ship back as a little hatchling, holed up at the Asylum, was involved in firefighting and crossing between town and ACRO, took the Mantle of the Sun after it passed from her mother, who, having been turned into a vampire, couldn't hold it any longer. Fulfilled an old promise. Found the way back to her home after life had stopped, but before the oceans froze solid. Went back well in advance of Vaan, who didn't leave till after the Glass/Vampire war, and raised her descendants at the first melted-point, Spark's Hollow. Undid her old promise in order to keep people safe. Centuries of slow thawing and defrosting halted when Vaan arrived and ended up technically dying with the Mantle of Earth and Ocean, after which a truce was called between the remaining gods and Mei left to make other worlds suitable for life. Now that Vaan has remanifested herself, Mei has returned again to her homeworld and the Nexus.
    Somewhat unusually, (and owing to Rhi's relative youth at the time) Mei was an only child. Perhaps there would have been other hatchlings if there had been time. But for years she grew up alone more often than not, and surrounded by humanoids rather than dragons when she wasn't.
    Her main purpose in returning to the Nexus is simple curiosity. It is such a varied, vibrant world. But she also aids the unusual colonies of pos'shallar who live here, bringing them updated modules and information from their skipping-ahead homeworld. Since meeting with the Stormguard, she also looks after the kobolds that arose when her blood was spilled upon a stone outcropping while in pursuit of a flame tyrant.
    Spoiler: Mantles
    Whatsoever holds a Mantle is a God of Majauril. They may be combined and split apart, and take on any physical form whatsoever.
    The Mantle of the Sun is light, moon and sun, storm and wind and rain, good dragons, shapechangers and electromagnetism.
    The Mantle of War is violence and conquest, strategy, tyranny and tactics. It is dangerous and painful to wear. It was sunk into the sea outside of Majauril.
    The Mantle of Earth is volcanic activity, plants, life and death.
    The Mantle of Ice is all things not encompassed above. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood, Metal. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Stasis and chaos, demise and renewal, darkness and undeath, love and hate, desire and denial, pain and peace, loss and giving, faith, magic, civilization, theft, justice, etc. The current mantle-holder, bored with near-omnipotence, has magnanimously allowed a few others to continue to exist and interact with its world.

    Spoiler: Majauril, the Frozen World

    These were the survivors. Five of them only were still together when the Freedom landed at the Asylum. Outcasts and exiles, from church and hive and dimension.
    Arlem joined HALO. He would be a hero. He would remove the stain that his mother had put on their family's name with her cowardice.
    His sister Shaneir followed one who was not to be named. Better to worship despair. She died during his attack on Inside, but that wasn't the end.
    Riki, who passed into darkness. Her rune-blood creatures, the birds and cats and gazelles, passed to her sister...
    Lady Vaan, who knew one could do anything if they willed, and she did. The last flower of her starlit home, she cast seeds and petals all through Icehome. She returned, much later, and perished fighting. Of course, the line between life and death is flexible for such a person. She claimed to know every language on Majauril, and ate only meat. A hundred and a thousand, plus fifty, each.
    Meirhin didn't much mind the cataclysm. She took the last life of their families and returned to claim the sky.

    The world is covered in ice miles thick. The sun is a burnt out red husk, and both moons lie shattered. Some say that survivors creep and climb the vines that once held the young moon, living in a web of magical deception. Most hold them to be part of the illusions. There are only two remaining locations of much interest to the living; the Ice Queen's palace, and the Spark's Hollow, where Meirhin's descendants live and scrape existence from the thawed earth.
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