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Thread: Playing D&D with an 8-year-old; advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quertus View Post
    Use 3.x. I cannot stress that enough. "add your bonus to a d20, try to get equal to our higher than the DC" is so much easier than the "do I want high or low" randomness of earlier editions. I'd take a new 7 year old in 3.x over a new 27yo in older editions.(snip)
    I could not agree more. I've taught a few 7/8yo kids using 3.5E and one of them is now 18yo and in our 4E group(and running his own 5E game). Gygaxian editions of D&D may seem simpler but the poor design, poor organisation, and lack of design logic make them harder to grasp than the ostensibly more complicated later editions.

    Frankly, I would also use 3.5E to teach someone to play instead of 5E even though the latter is, in some ways, much simpler.
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