I'll give advice to my competition.

Some pieces of it look strong, though it's really not beyond what your spellcasting classes can do, so it's probably fine. You might prefer to give either Constitution or Wisdom saving throw proficiency, as those are more common (Strength and Intelligence is fine, just not very good).

I would like to see the archetypes distinguished even more from one another. As a reasonably active homebrewer, I think it's good when classes have archetype options that can really diverge. As it is, you have one more offensive and one more defensive, but I'm not sure such a binary approach is ideal for the class. I don't have real suggestions for that, however.

For the 14th level ability, I might think of some way to replenish tactical points. Perhaps if an ally gets a critical hit or an enemy rolls a 1 on an attack could be methods for restoring them. Just some thoughts.