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    Name: Thenegativetwo, or whatever unholy contraction you can siphon from that.
    Availability to Host Campaigns: Available, but give me time to make a story.
    Contact Information: PM
    Posting Frequency: Daily, work seems to never want me to leave, but I can do once a day unless I otherwise note.
    Systems You Can Run: Just 5e right now, however, I've started learning traveler and will likely learn other systems as I play them
    Preferred Campaign Types: I love repeatedly stabbing players with morton's fork, dystopia, corruption, however, in all that grimdark edgy nonsense enough sprinkling of wit to have people smile amidst despair. I set challenges based on what may be there, based on what the party can take, and take no responsibility for splitting the party based shenanigans.
    Sample Game Threads: Will put up as I have games going.
    Current Games: New to PBP. DM occasionally, prefer being a player, but have the ability to DM.
    Future Games: Will sling together a world where humans and elves are about to break into war, and another where demonic armies threaten the lands, a good sword coast smashfest, sailing crew throughout an archipelago, that's all right now, can easily think of more. Also, have all the modules for 5e, so I can run any of them.
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