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Read through the updated version, and I think there's still some conceptual overlap between your archetypes. This is just a critique of those; I didn't check to see if you changed other things.

"Blitzkrieg" to me connotes not only mobility but also destruction, which puts it fairly close to "Annihilation." I also don't think the first archetype currently focuses on mobility like it should.

What I would likely do is to make the first archetype a more generic "Inspiration," given that it seems to be fairly general-purpose buffs, while keeping "Annihilation" as it is. I'd also swap their level 10 features between the archetypes (they really feel like they should be). Other archetypes could be named after other concepts / ideals, such as "Alacrity" if you want a mobility focused archetype or "Fortification" for defense.
Those are all fair points. Balance-wise, you don't forsee any major issues though? I hear that's rare on a homebrew forum...