Thank you, Mole Mage, for your candid remarks. I'll take the time to read through your class tomorrow (I skimmed it earlier but I didn't comment)

Regarding the United Front abilities: I wanted to take things in a new direction with this subclass, and the initiative order was something that hasn't really been explored in any version of D&D that I've run across. Being a game designer, I couldn't help but want to mess with it. In general though, the United Front Battle Meditation ability does something interesting in allowing them to attack as a team, with the detriment that the opponent gets the same. Going first, though, can really help out in a combat. I'm torn as to whether it's too powerful, or whether it's just unique and cool like some of the abilities in the PHB that you read (remember when you read "reliable talent" for rogues? Whoa.).

However, you pointed out two of the abilities that I've been worried about being broken: Channel and the AC boost as part of Battle Meditation. I'll look into those further and see if I can come up with replacements.

Was Arcane Connection OK? I worry about people thinking it's broken (which is why I attributed so many detriments to it).