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I understand and accept the disclaimer that you cant guarantee the arrival date of the calendars. Having said that, do you have any better understanding of what went on last year and/or how to prevent it from happening this year? While I am willing to wait however long it takes, delays included, last year's delay was so... out there, that I feel the need to ask.
The main thing that happened last year (if memory serves) was that the company Ookoodook picked for the bulk shipping option completely dropped the ball and had to be replaced at the last minute...and then that new company got stuff stuck in customs, for the international customers. Since we're not doing bulk shipping at all this year, that shouldn't be an issue. There still could be a problem with the printer—see the previous year, when they sent me a proof about half the size it was supposed to be—but I feel better about this year then previous because I'm not waiting for to see order numbers before placing the print run order; I'm just basing it on the sales from the past two years.

So the calendar will go to the printer on Monday morning (I have to finish the back cover today, and they're closed tomorrow through Sunday), it should take 2 days to get the proof, and if there are no problems, 5 days to print and 2 to ship from the printer to Ookoodook. Hence, the 11th. (That last step is also prone to delays, by the way; freight shipping seems to be a very sketchy industry in that way.) I also have the option of paying for a rush delivery, if need be, though that will be very pricey and I'll probably only do that if sales spike way above what I'm expecting and Ookoodook needs extra time to pack boxes.

So, the 11th is the projected date, and the 13th is probably the because-something-always-goes-wrong date. Either way, US customers should have their calendar in time for the holidays.

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Aw, I was hoping Xykon would get October since he's a spooky scary skeleton.
It's a villain calendar. Everybody's spooky. I think a vampire got October.