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I don't really have any Lawful characters who don't skew heavily toward either Good or Evil, so it's been put on hold. I don't want to put out a Law shirt with, say, Malack or Roy or someone on it because that will skew the perception of Lawfulness. The best I have right now are the lawyers, and they're more of a gag than a true representation of Law. But new characters pop up all the time, so when I have one, that's the year that the Law shirt will come out.
Well, to be fair, you didn't feel the need to stick with Neutral Evil for the Evil shirt (I'd call Xykon Chaotic Evil, but I suppose there's room for interpretation) or Neutral Good for the Good shirt (as a 3.5 edition Paladin in good standing, O-Chul HAS to be Lawful Good). Granted, in the case of the former, it's because he was the one used for the in-strip gag, but still...

Though to refute my own argument, I suppose you could argue that Xykon and O-Chul are Evil and Good first, and Chaotic and Lawful second, and I'm hard pressed to remember a character who's Lawful first, and Good or Evil second.* (Julio is a fine example of Chaotic first and... Good-ish? second.)

*No, the shoulder-modron doesn't count.