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    Default (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Skinsaw Murders IC II


    IC I thread is found here. Please continue as appropriate!


    GM post

    Day 36: Lamashan 27, 4707

    Previously, in another IC thread...

    Nobody would have expected a simple small town murder investigation to spiral into something this big. What had started as an investigation into a series of ritualised murders had so far led you into an insane asylum, a devastated farmhouse overrun by living scarecrows, an ancient house wracked with ghosts and painful memories of the past, not to mention a massive underground cavern wherein lurked the twisted remnants of a brilliant young man who'd led his gang of ghouls to slay and carve odd symbols into dead bodies. Watching the broken house wither in smoke and flames, you'd thought it was all over and that you could get back to your peaceful lives in Sandpoint... that is, until the break-in at the local Watch Garrison, informing you that someone out there still had a vested interest in making sure that the murders went on...

    Your path took you to Magnimar, where you immediately found yourself on the wrong side of the law, no thanks to the machinations of one Justice Variel Ironbriar, lackey to the mysterious mastermind only known to you as 'Xanesha'. Now, having fought past shapeshifting aberrations, hired assassins, and members of Norgorbean murder cult, you find yourself facing down the Justice himself, along with his diminishing coterie of Hellknights...


    Combat is ongoing. Please refer to here for the most recent moves made before this thread.
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