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New Event: Sense Motive DC 15 - Anyone in the undermill can make this check
Whatever it is Simatzu put on his arrow seems to be having an extremely odd effect on Justice Ironbriar. Even if he was fighting off some soporific or toxic effect, you'd have expected him to be turning sluggish or perhaps even retching his lunch up. Not babbling to himself like a village madman or clutching his head as if it was going to explode at any moment, having lost his veneer of sneering arrogance. Indeed, the Justice seems more confused than anything else... Unless that's supposed to be what happens whenever Simatzu stabs someone with a pointy thing, something is definitely not quite right here.

If rolled Sense Motive check above 20
In fact, if you didn't know any better, you'd say that Ironbriar is behaving more like a man fighting against some sort of compulsion or suggestion spell. The tension of his body, the constant shaking of his head - these are but some of the classic symptoms of someone resisting a will greater than his own. It's impossible to see through Ironbriar's whorled mask and clothes, but you're willing to bet that his eyes would be glazed and his body drenched in sweat.


Naya is holding attack.

Unfortunately for Naya, her words don't seem to have any particular effect on Justice Ironbriar. Nor does the sight of two more of the same lightning projectiles hovering in her cupped hands do anything to persuade him to surrender.

"My heart... is pledged. If it were to die... for her... then so be it-" Ironbriar's thin voice sounds strained, almost strangled, as if his teeth were clenched against the ravages of Simatzu's drug.


Simatzu is presumed to be busy staring at Ironbriar, holding action.


Brin is presumed to be trying to find a way to climb over the balustrade from the shoreline, holding action.


Taladron and Brother Butok

CNE: (2d6)[12], Will DC 10 save to halve damage

Taladron's acid gob doesn't succeed in landing anywhere near Ironbriar. But the momentary pause in action as Taladron clarifies his family tree for Rico does afford Butok just enough wiggle room to use the edge of Rico's battle-table to rake up his sleeve - revealing the fading blue visage of a starry-eyed Norgorbean mask tattooed on his spindly forearm.

With his ribs crushed and most of the air knocked out of him, it is difficult for Butok to breathe, let alone speak. Still, the grunting syllables that the ugly man does manage to choke out of his blood-clogged throat must have been enough for Father Skinsaw to grant his dying cleric the boon of smiting those who would thwart his dark purposes. For even as Butok's eyes bulge in their sockets and begin to roll upwards as Rico continues to thump him mercilessly against the wall, yet another wave of baneful energy floods the environs of the undermill, dealing woe to all who stand too close.

Setsusa, Simatzu, Brin, Rico, Taladron, and Ironbriar all take 12 damage from CNE. Will save DC 10 halves the damage.


Sirus is presumably catching his breath over in the safe corner of the undermill, holding action.


Setsuna dismisses Grease.


Justice Ironbriar

Fort Save: (1d20+6)[19] - passed, Ironbriar does not fall unconscious, is no longer poisoned

Casts Confusion using the Reaper's Mask
15 foot radius burst, hitting everyone within the sawmill except for Simatzu

Will Saves:
Red: (1d20+8)[11] - failed
Sirus: (1d20+9)[11] - failed
Naya: (1d20+5)[14] - failed
Setsuna: (1d20+5)[12], but only applies if SR 14 is overcome: (1d20+7)[11] - SR saves Setsuna

What do the Confused people do?
Red: (1d100)[23] - acts normally
Sirus: (1d100)[8] - acts normally
Naya: (1d100)[17] - acts normally
Wow. They do... absolutely nothing!

The gash in Ironbriar's hand continues to seep bright red blood that trickles down the elf's arms, soaking into his outlandish robes and dying them a darker shade. Though fair-skinned, the Justice's complexion does seem rather more wan than before as he curls his hands into fists, practically clawing at his mask with one and his sword arm quivering in sudden weakness.

Taking a hesistant step forward, the corrupt Justice traces his sword in a vague circular motion, as if drawing in the air. "Disperse them... yes. To sow..." As he muses aloud, his voice rather more hoarse than before, several of you within the sawmill are suddenly seized by a strange buoyant sensation, your mind shorn clean of coherent thought for a few seconds, before the feeling passes just as quickly as it had come.

Ironbriar is no longer poisoned.


HP: 9/48
AC 21

Holding action!

Sense Motive: (1d20+8)[10] - failed

The stabbing pain in her limbs fades a little and Red closes her eyes for a second of blessed relief, thanking Cayden that Brin must be out there somewhere. That was good then. She and Rico must have managed to get loose. Now for the bad elf himself...

Heaving herself off the male Hellknight's split head, Red staggers back, wincing as the wound in her leg stretches and throbs. The Justice would probably have some kind of magic on him. But if they helped each other, that would be all right then... wouldn't it? And why was Setsuna standing in her way like that?

"Miss Naya... Setsuna. We must... bring him down. Together." It still hurt to speak. Narrowing her eyes grimly, Red wipes a wet smear - was that blood or brains or both? - from her cheek, ignoring the fluttering makeshift bandage that Rico had wound around her throat.



Butok is pinned to the wall. GM says that makes his AC diddly squat. Both attacks hit.

Already half-crushed against the wall, Brother Butok is helpless against Rico's riposte. The second slash of her trusty wave-blade skewers the aide clean through the eyes, nearly hacking his skull in twain and shuddering as it bites into the wooden walls of the sawmill.

Brother Butok is now dead.


Initiative Order:
22 - Taladron
20 - Sirus
18 - Setsuna
14 - Justice Ironbriar
10 - Red
10 - Rico
> 9 - Naya
9 - Simatzu
6 - Brin

It is technically Naya's turn, but given that you have only one enemy left... the GM declares the initiative order to go to hell. All attacks will be resolved in the order of posting!


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