Fatigued [suppressed, for now] & Charged
under Brin's MCAE*?
Rage II/III, 5/9
HP 43/49, (12/12)
AC 17/22

"HGGGWAH!" Rico gasps as mystic razors seem to slice through the air between them in a series of hisses. Half a dozen miniscule cuts bleed at the sides of her ox-like neck. Somehow, even as she glares her defiance against their infernal foe, she feels something, someone protecting her and her comrades from yet greater peril.

Remembering that it was such power that was such a bane at Thistletop, Rico resolves to end it quickly. Sparks and chain-links fly and entrails flow at the first blow. The second pins Butok to the wall.

Snorting, and sighting down on Ironbriar, still working his foul magicks, she drops the Fist of Fox and plants both hands upon her sword's still-quivering hilt. With a solid tug, Rico pulls it free in a shower of wood-chips, bone-shards and gore...


...then charges at the corrupt justice. The sword is held just over her right shoulder in the vom Tag guard, and just as the stroke is struck, the downward diagonal slash of the Zornhau suddenly tightens, thrusts, and cuts upward in a Schielhau strike, ending with the sword at Rico's left shoulder, its dripping tip pointed at the foe's face.