HP 12/40
AC 23

Distracted, by the memory of the hellknight's rather brutal demise and by the dark energy that exploded outward and lashed away at her life force just a moment ago, Setsuna fails to notice anything odd about the murderous Ironbriar whatsoever. Noticing the assault on her mind, however, is enough to spur her to action and she lunges toward the elf.

It's only Naya's concerned voice that causes her to falter in her tracks, electricity still sparking from her fist. "What do you mean?" She sounds more than a little concerned.


Sense Motive nat 1 for 10 in the OOC

Will DC 10 (1d20+5)[9] in the dice thread.

Just can't catch a break here can I?

Anyway, flavorful way of delaying. Mid-fight or no, Setsuna will stop attacking someone who's being mind controlled and try to contain them.....even if Rico is happy to bisect them