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Thread: Is War Caster really that great?

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    I didn't used to like it much at all, but a couple things have made me re-evaluate its usefulness:

    1.) Being able to Shield while grappling is awesomesauce for a paladorc. You can be functionally invulnerable to attack from whomever you're holding prone. AC 23 (28) at disadvantage is a very tough target to hit.

    2.) Booming Blade + Warcaster is great for a front-line tank, and makes it very unattractive for enemies to try to bypass you. Not to mention other options like Compelled Duel and Command, if you want to spend some spell points. The only downside is that from a roleplaying perspective it's nonsensical that you somehow have an easier time Commanding someone to "Flee!" just because they charged your back line squishies. (5E has a lot of RP-incoherent mechanics unfortunately.)

    The concentration benefit isn't bad either, when combined with these two. It's now my next planned feat for my Paladin 7/Sorc 4, when he hits Paladin 8.
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