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Thread: Is War Caster really that great?

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgie_leech View Post
    Do note that if the free object use is used to change to a one handed grip on a two handed weapon, you can't use it for Opportunity Attacks. YMMV on how important that is, but it's still worth paying attention to if you're an EK or otherwise care about melee damage.
    Letting go with one hand is a free action, putting it back is free object interaction. Letting go of an item is not considered any sort of action by the rules. Now, changing your grip on a versatile weapon might be an action, but just letting go with one hand so that you aren't currently wielding the weapon but merely holding it one hand is pretty clearly a free action going off the rules.

    This is part of what makes the feat so silly, the best option for most characters is a two handed weapon, the fact it saves you a feat (that still doesn't cover every option) just solidifies it.

    Also, it's been more or less confirmed you can perform somatic components with the arm with your material components/spell focus. Otherwise you need two hands free for spells that have both, which I highly doubt is how most people play.

    In short, people trying to force the warcaster tax are really wasting time tbh. The feat has plenty of usage just from the cantrip+concentration sides of it, disallowing certain concepts (sword and board/dual wielding) unless you take it is needlessly limiting.
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