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Thread: Is War Caster really that great?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djreynolds View Post
    I thought you explained it very well before, it is a "feat tax" and it must be paid. And you get goodies with it.
    i eventually came to the conclusion in that thread that it really isn't a Feat Tax for S&B Cleric/Paladins in general, as they can function quite effectively with a Holy Symbol inscribed shield, and occasionally putting their weapon away for V/S spells. That's the classes I specifically started that thread for.

    However, yeah, it's still a Feat Tax for S&B or TWF arcane builds (typically EKs, ATs, and Valor Bards) who want to cast without putting a weapon away. Especially if they want to cast reaction spells (e.g. Shield for an EK) or spells and attack in the same round (10+ EKs and 14+ Valor Bards).

    Of course, many casters will take it just for advantage of concentration. That's not required, but it's mighty tasty looking and hard to resist. ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by georgie_leech View Post
    Do note that if the free object use is used to change to a one handed grip on a two handed weapon, you can't use it for Opportunity Attacks. YMMV on how important that is, but it's still worth paying attention to if you're an EK or otherwise care about melee damage.
    That's a house rule. One I personally *really* like, but still a house rule.
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