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Thread: Is War Caster really that great?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanarii View Post
    No, it doesn't cost an interaction to use a component pouch, it's part of the spell as long as you have a hand free.

    Also, it doesn't cost an object interaction to put your hand back on a Greatsword.

    Edit: what's potentially silly is it probably does take an object interaction to use your free hand to take up your arcane focus to use as part of a spell. But that's an opinion on my part. It's not explicit.
    It seems like the only reason to ever use a focus instead of a fanny pack is if the focus has special properties ala magic items.

    Personally I think a gish should wield a weapon in one hand and a focus in the other, but that's a limitation most people would dislike so I understand why they would allow workarounds.
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