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Throwing a bit of a tangent out here but is the Resilient (Con) feat as good as I hope it is in conjunction with Warcaster?

Playing a tough Valor Bard with a focus on tough, but i'm not sure if I should bump my Cha (15) next time or get Warcaster and not have to worry about concentration.
If you are relying on concentration spells having not only advantage but proficiency in con saves is huge. It becomes very difficult to lose a spell unless you are hit with a massive attack.

If you had a +2 Con Mod at low levels it looks like this hitting DC10..

Stock, 8+ i.e. 65%
With Proficiency+2) 75%
With Advantage 88%
With Advantage and Proficiency(+2) 94%

Goes from losing ~1/3 spells to ~1/20.