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    GM post


    Rico's exhaustation from nearly two days of solid riding and battles seems to be finally taking its toll. Despite having dispatched Brother Butok with extreme prejudice (and with a grim mercilessness that would have impressed even a Kuthite), Rico's aim falters when it comes to striking at the aide's master. Her sword merely pierces the flowing cloth of his robes, ripping the garish material to shreds but leaving the elf's flesh itself untouched.

    It would have taken a much braver being than Ironbriar to remain unmoved when confronted by a glowering, sweat-stinking, mad-eyed half-orc that was tromping down a staircase with the sole aim of skewering him like a cheap meat kebab. Though he remains upright, the Justice seems to falter in his movements, moving slowly like a man in a dream as he angles his mask downward, apparently staring dumbly at the tears in his robes as if unable to comprehend what they meant.

    Justice Ironbriar is shaken for 1 round.


    Taladron is holding action.


    Naya is having a crisis of conscience.



    Despite her misgivings, it turns out that Setsuna is just as proficient with a shorter weapon woven of magical energy as with her beloved black blade. Boldly leaping at Ironbriar with every intention of shielding alike her wounded and wavering comrades, the tiefling jabs at what she hopes is the soft part of Ironbriar's belly, intending to wind him just a little.

    With her fist crackling with brilliant blue lightning, however, even a light blow from the slender tiefling proves deadly. Ironbriar sheds no blood as the blade chops into his abdomen, instead abruptly spasming and twitching as his sinews dance to a different current, tiny currents of forked electricity coursing over his robes and limbs, searching for ground. Ironbriar's face remains obscured beneath his whorled mask, but for those who are watching, you can only imagine what hideous contortions must be taking place, as the Justice's sleek hair frizzles, faint plumes of dove-grey smoke rising from his clothing.


    Sirus (GM-bot) and Red

    Move to square in front of Ironbriar
    Stunning Fist - Attack: (1d20+14)[19], Damage: (1d8+5)[6] - misses, sigh

    Attack: (1d20+12)[32], Damage: (1d4+4)[8] plus sneak attack damage (2d6)[4]
    Confirm Critical - Attack: (1d20+12)[17], Damage: (1d4+4)[7] - misses

    Upon seeing that the others are pressing the attack, Sirus is loathe to let them take the brunt. Braving the still raw cuts and bruises in his flesh with iron discipline, he rises from his defensive crouch in the far corner of the sawmill and immediately sallies forth the instant that Setsuna strikes the corrupt Justice.

    Unfortunately, sheer strength of will does not avail Sirus this time. Just as he is about to clout Ironbriar on the head, Sirus's right leg abruptly gives way, buckling under this one punishing martial exertion which proves to be one too many. Although the stolid half-orc keeps his balance and does not fall to his knees - in itself a sign of the tight control that he wields over his body - the fist that should have delivered a reeling sock to Ironbriar's jaw wavers ever so slightly, causing Sirus to miss his mark and instead swipe at the Justice's tattered robes.

    On her part, Red is much more careless with the need to preserve Ironbriar's life than Naya and Setsuna, and even a failed assault on Ironbriar is all that she needs. Having limped determinedly to support Sirus on his right flank, the instant that he falls back, Red takes advantage of the opening and lunges, slashing upwards and out with her kukri. As luck would have it, she catches Ironbriar right on the throat, slicing open the jugular and spraying those of you closest to Ironbriar in a shower of hot, sticky blood.

    It's not how you might have perhaps preferred this fight to end. But end it does, as Ironbriar gurgles, one hand clamped ineffectually around his throat, gesturing feebly towards Setsuna before keeling over, most of his bulk falling onto Sirus, who happens to be right in front of him.

    Justice Ironbriar is now dead.

    Combat is over, initiative ends.
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