Finding herself splattered in more blood that isn't her own, Setsuna's hand starts to tremble as the electricity fizzles out and Ironbriar drops to the ground., no, no, I wasn't trying to kill him! If I'd held back more...this is my fault!

Though upset, she still tries to do what she can to stop the flow of blood, looking shocked and trying to apply pressure to the wound on the Justice's neck, "Brin-san! Heal him, hurry!" Not that it would do any good, anyone with more sense could see it would be too little too late, but good sense has never been something the tiefling possessed. Still, even she could see that it was too late by the time she asked as she moved away her blood covered hands, belatedly realizing that even if she had managed to stop the bleeding she probably would have suffocated the elf in the process.

Between the death of the Justice at a combination of her own lightning and Red's blow and the two hellknight's at Red's and Naya's hands, Setsuna does her best to not look like she's going to be sick. She could accept death when it was necessary, not everyone could be stopped with words after all, but it was always easier when it was a monster than a person, especially if it happens mere inches away from you several times in quick succession. And when you're not blaming yourself for it. This is all my fault, she silently tells herself as she accepts Maethilur from Taladron wordlessly, cradling the sheathed blade in her arms, if I'd had Mae I could've knocked them out without killing them, there was no need for it to end this way...


Setsuna is a bit...shaken from this whole thing. I'm pretty sure these are the first people she's seen die since Nualia (the assassin from earlier having been on the other side of the room when he died. Both hellknights and Ironbriar kicked the bucket while adjacent to her)

Anyway, working on custom feat details with maggie, I'll level up once that's finalized/veto'd