Keeping Ironbriar's mind control to himself for now considering some of his party member's distress, Taladron busies himself with examining the possessions of Ironbriar and his cohorts. Most are the typical items, magic arms, a wand of healing, and the like. He discovers that the crossbow bolts have a vial of Drow Poison, or a recreation thereof with them and warns the curious away. He also finds the Hide-bound book interesting. It contains fragments of Elven Draconic and Infernal by his reckoning, but the grammatical inconsistencies of merely blending those three languages together makes it incomprehensible. He would need to sit down with this later to see what the Justice was hiding. He slips the book into his satchel. With the book safely hidden, Taladron looks to the others to see if they are ready for company, and decides that ready or not, if they wish to keep the Hellknight as a potential ally they needed to avoid upsetting her by making her wait.

Taladron quickly casts a cantrip and includes everyone but Setsuna in the casting as she needed some time to recover.

Spoiler: Message for everyone but Setsuna DC 25 Perception to Eavesdrop.
"It would seem that Ironbriar was under the effects of an Enchantment and a powerful one at that. He could have been influenced for days at a time with no one being the wiser. It would be a simple matter for the enchanter, or enchantress as I believe the case may be here, to keep him ensorcelled indefinitely. Especially if he was enamored with her. This may mean that Xanesha is a powerful spellcaster, so be wary. I am going to call the Hellknight down now, so be ready if she becomes violent."

"The fighting is over now." Taladron says to the Hellknight outside, "Come down if you wish."