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    Default Re: (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Skinsaw Murders IC II

    Rico, utterly exhausted

    "BLEGH! Pweh-pweh!" As Red's mighty blow carves into Ironbriar's neck and arterial blood fountains, Rico twitches her arms to shield her face, but still some get through. Forced to spit and wipe at her mouth, then claw for her long-untouched hip flask and take a quick swig, she then thrusts it at Red with a grim nod and a triumphant squeeze of her shoulder. "HAAH-HAAAARRRR! GOODJOB, Red, well-done."

    When the corrupt Justice falls, the halforc constable kicks him and growls, "You dead yet, ya bugger? HRMPH. Betta make sure." Out of habit, out of pragmatism, with two swift strokes, she skewers his heart, then hacks off his head.

    How many had it been, now? Nualia, the undead, the demons, the sinspawn, those shapeshifting whatchamacallits... Just making sure.

    While flicking the gore from her trusty sword, then using a clump of grass to clean off the rest, Rico suddenly hears Setsuna's panicked raving. Slowly sheathing her weapon, she raises a fist, then extends her index finger...

    ...and then wavers. And staggers. Blinking furiously as, through a haze of pain and anger and frustration and exhaustion, sees that something's not entirely right with Setsuna. "MAAMBRIN. Please. Healfirst. Themwot. Mostneedst. ...And. Don'tworry. GWAHW. Boutme. I'mjust. Tired. Frakkin' tired."

    Her pointing hand now groggily jotting at a point above the two warrior women's heads, Rico garbles out, "Yahhh. Teeeehhhhhk. Keeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhrrrrrr."

    "Grah. Nrr. Gfffhhh." Still fighting the sudden wave of nausea and numbness, her vision swimming, one hand gropes groping for her waterskin, the other clawing, massaging at her temples in vain. Rico waves the younger Hellknight over, sways on her feet, regains her balance, and flashes her a thumbs-up.

    Suddenly, Rico keels over, blacked out. Drooling. Snoring.
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