Red wasn't wrong in thinking Setsuna was far away from here. Lost in her own thoughts and unwelcome memories of the reason she was here, she didn't notice the others begin looting, or Taladron's simple spellcast. A burning home, a face that couldn't smile at her anymore, all because of her. Now the blood of three more who didn't deserve to die was on her hands as well.

It's Red's touch coupled with Rico's practical, if short-sighted and savage, butchering of the Justice's body that snaps her back to the present with a start. Not trusting herself to speak, she looks up anxiously at Naya's approach and wants to say something, but Red wasn't wrong when she thought Setsuna looked close to tears. Ultimately, all she can do is pull the red-head into a sudden, and tight, embrace, needing something comforting to keep her mind from latching on to all of the negative emotions. No matter how bad things looked, Red was alive. Hurting, maybe, but alive, and that was what she needed to focus on.