Naya stepped back, acknowledging Setsuna's apparent wish to be left alone - or, well, alone with the red-headed woman who, apparently, went simply as "Red". There will be time for talking later... for now, though, there was one more Hellknight to deal with, wasn't there? And this time, without anyone dying.

Not that she could do much about it, not knowing much about the situation... well, the best she could do was probably to make the group make at least a slightly better - or, rather, less horrendous - sight when it comes to talks.

Sighing, she whispered a short spell, one that took almost no effort at all, and started metodically waving her hand, willing all the grime, mud and, most importantly, blood to be swept away from her new companions' clothing and skin.

While we have some prep time, casting Prestidigitation to clean up a bit