"B...Bellows?" Brin blinks and gapes incredulously. In a perverse corner of her mind she wanted to see if that would work. Not enough to further desecrate the corpse, but...Damnit. Knock off the blasphemous thoughts. There are important things to do right now. Stupid responsibilities.

She shakes her head, clearing it. "I mean, apology accepted. Hate calling them back like that anyway. Saved me a headache, maybe. We were sleeping in Taladron's Aunt's place, but I think we'll be getting a private room after this. Not sure yet whether it'll be an suite at an inn or a cell in the gaol, though."

Brin cranes her neck to shout back up at the remaining Hellknight. "You're paying attention to make sure all this evidence is genuine, right?" She calls up. "Just your bad luck that you were working for some kinda evil priest. No goodly, law-abiding folk in Magnimar would be seen throwing off that undead-feeding black energy like it was nothing. Maybe in Cheliax, but these parts? Even those who can do it are usually smart enough not to."