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Red didn't generally like people being so close to her like this, especially if she hadn't mentally prepared herself for it before it happened. People could hurt you, being close to you. She was hurting right now, in fact, with Setsuna clasping her cracked ribs and bruises like that.

It is difficult to take a deep breath, given how tightly Setsuna is holding on to her. Still, Red manages to ease an arm free, gently ruffling the tiefling's hair and stroking it with the edge of her palm. It was like how Kitten had used to bite and scratch her when it was small, because it was scared. That was all right. Was Setsuna scared too, then? But of what?

Taladron's message answers that for her. Red closes her eyes for a moment, feeling Setsuna trembling ever so slightly against her chest. Maybe Setsuna was sad again, like with Nualia. But how to tell her that some people didn't deserve to be sad over? Red sighs, then winces as a fresh pang shoots through her jaw. "Setsuna... We... should... see. Miss Brin. Can you help... me?"


GM post

For anyone who bothers to crane their neck outside of the sawmill to check on what's happening with the last Hellknight, it is to see Irini hovering at the top of the staircase with her sword drawn, a frantic yet frustrated scowl on her face. "Say what you like, I'm not going in there. I'm not stupid, you know! You all come out! I've sent a message to the City Watch and a patrol is on their way, so you'd better not try anything funny! What have you done to His Grace? Hisam, are you there?"