GM post

With all of you ignoring Irini and simply going about your business of patching each other up and searching for evidence on Ironbriar's person, it is no wonder that the young Hellknight's expression grows distinctly sourer and more worried by the minute. As Brin and Rico had discovered only a little while ago, the young half-elf is a stickler for protocol. It is likely that nothing in her beloved law-tome has quite prepared her for having possibly sent her commanding officer and comrades, guilty of other crimes though they might be, off to their deaths. Unwilling to enter a situation of obvious tactical disadvantage, she moves from foot to foot at the top of the stairs, every now and then shooting a glance over her shoulder or screeching furiously at an unseen audience of curious halflings, who seem to have reemerged, to get lost for their own safety.

Eventually, for those of you keeping a watchful eye on what's going on outside, there seems to be some sort of commotion outside as you catch flashes of bright armour through the thicket of bushes lining the river bank, with hoarse voices bellowing instructions and the nervous equine whinnying. It would seem that the promised reinforcements from the City Watch have arrived in quick time. Certainly, if you had had it in mind to escape the sawmill or slip away unnoticed, the time for that is now past.

A few moments later comes the creaking of wooden planks and the heavy tramp of feet as the Watch make their way down into the undermill without hesitation. The first person through the doors of the undermill is a stout Varisian woman with a weather-beaten face and a crooked nose, silver beads plaited into her dark hair and a glaive of prodigious size clenched in one fist. Apparently unfazed by the carnage of mangled cultist bodies nor your scruffy bloodstained visages, she motions casually to those behind her with two crooked fingers. At the gesture, half a dozen younger men and women with drawn swords immediately hurry through the door, each one dressed in the same blue dyed studded leathers and with the city's coat of arms - the Arvensoar angel and slain serpent of Magnimar - embossed over their hearts. This coterie is followed by Hellknight Irini herself, whom understandably seems the most distressed at the sight of Justice Ironbriar's decapitated body and the fallen forms of her recent comrades.

"Greta! Hisam! Oh gods... By the Measure..." Tugging on one of her braids and winding it about her fist, Irini hurries over straight to where Hisam's dead body lies still half submerged. A stricken expression on her face, she grabs hold of his stiffening arm and attempts to haul his bulk out of the water - a futile endeavour at best, given how slippery the floor is with water and blood.

As for the stout Varisian woman, she surveys the room with a calm air of authority, those of you closest to her noticing the captain's armband wound around her brawny arm and the faded scars on her brow. Then, catching sight of Rico, she grins and offers a brief nod of acknowledgement. "Hah. Constable Rico. I hadda inkling that it might've been you raising nine kinds of hell in my fine city when the pigeon came in with news of a big orc-blood claiming authorisation from Sandpoint. Care to explain what's going on around here before I needa start cracking heads and busting 'caps for some answers about why I've gotta room fulla deadders?" The captain's voice is cheerful, yet restrained with wariness as she eyes the lot of you up and down. "You. And you." She jerks her chin in Red and Sirus's direction, quirking faded eyebrows. "You were with Sheriff Hemlock helping out during that goblin incursion at the Swallowtail Fest last month, weren't you?"

Knowledge (local) DC 15 - no need to roll if you're Taladron
This hardbitten Watch woman can only be Captain Acacia "Big Bear" Uriana, head of the City Watch herself. Known for her no-nonsense bludgeon-to-the-noggin approach, as much as her skill with the glaive, the Big Bear is much admired among law-abiding Magnimarians and the Watch for her bravery in battle, fairness in commanding, and ferocity in defending the City. She was recently in Sandpoint to assist in beefing up security when the goblins, under the crazed Nualia, had attempted to invade and raze the town.