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    Elshar Gorgons

    The plane of Elshar have three types of gorgons born out of the three half-sisters Halsa, Nudra and Perala. Fathered by the great serpent Acaetus of three, a primordial sea deity.
    Anyone that gaze upon a gorgons eyes will quickly turn into a type of stone which differs from gorgon to gorgon. Gorgons may extend this effect to their entire visage for a short while by focusing. They also have, with the exception of the Halsaites, snake hair which bite can carry a deadly dosage of poison for anyone foolish enough to get too close. In addition, the snakes grant them a vague 360 degree vision around them as they can see what the snakes see.
    All gorgons are female and with the exception of the three original ones, they're also all infertile.

    Spoiler: Halsaite Gorgons
    All born through Halsa, the mother of despair. Like their mother these creatures are completely hairless and have the lower body of snakes and squid-like heads but with snakes instead of tentacles that drapes over their malformed mouths like a twisted beard. While the rest of their bodies could be called "humanoid" they are considered pure monsters by all who look upon them. The halsaite can besides turning people into stone with their gaze also cause eardrums to burst and ears to bleed with their high-pitched screams, generally causing deafness wherever they go. They also have extremely sharp nails and teeth and moves far faster than their lower bodies suggest, causing many to fall easy prey.

    Spoiler: Nudraite Gorgons
    Gorgons born by Nudra, the matron of disgust. These twisted creatures are larger than both Halsaite and Peralite gorgons. More than twice the size of a human they stand above even the mighty nephilim in height. But their bloated grey skin, plate-sized eyes, tusks and last but not least their snake hair cause them to look repulsive in the eyes of most beings. They are adapted at running at all four as much as they are walking on two and are thus often hunched over so they can switch between the two modes quickly. With their superior strength and speed, these massive creatures usually charge into combat on all fours and forces anyone who resist to either look away or be turned into stone with their petrifying gaze.

    Spoiler: Peralaite Gorgons
    An odd type of gorgon born by Perala, the mistress of desire. These beings could easily be mistaken for humanoid women if not for their hair of snakes that they like are gorgons have. But besides their deadly hair and petrifying gaze the peralite gorgons are usually considered beautiful by all who dare gaze upon them. While they don't have any natural weapons like their cousins the peralites have a mesmerizing gaze that few willingly can look away from, often leading to their death. In stark opposition to their Halsaite sisters, these gorgons voices and sink into a low seductive hiss that enthralls all those who hear it. Of all their kin they are generally the least aggressive as they can mask their true nature with some effort.
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