"Captain Uriana," Taladron says with a short bow of respect, "As you say, most of our group (with the exceptions of two rather recent additions) worked with Sheriff Hemlock. Recently, the Sheriff asked us to find the culprit behind a spree of ritualistic murders that have occured in Sandpoint, we found the perpetrator Aldern Foxglove and put an end to the killings, though evidence of a cult movement in Magnimar being responsible for the killings was found. A short time later, an attempt was made to steal the evidence in that case, and the man who had committed the murders was seen walking about very much alive despite the state we had left him in, so a plan was made to lure this fake out and the evidence was taken out of storage to be transported to Magnimar for 'safekeeping'. The plan worked and we were ambushed by Night Scale assassins accompanied by a Faceless Stalker who could have easily impersonated Aldern. A writ on the corpse of the Stalker gave Aldern the ability to act with Justice Ironbriar's authority which linked the Justice to the cult, the fact that we were wanted criminals before even entering Magnimar also led credence to the Justice's corruption. After investigating Aldern's townhouse, which was mostly emptied already save for a few more assassins (gnolls this time), we discovered that this very sawmill we stand in now was owned and ran by the very cultists we believe responsible for the killings in both Sandpoint and here in Magnimar. So we came here searching for more evidence to clear our names. What we found was a rather large group of cultists and a battle ensued, we kept one alive for questioning, but during the battle, Ironbriar was called and came with his Hellknight entourage to stop us. The result you see before you."